Tuesday, April 24, 2012

words are all I have

I kept thinking yesterday that my "Monday Morning Report" sounded (to my ears) stilted - stiff - not at all like me........... 

BUT it is next to impossible, to describe in words, the feelings that crash over my body when W plays with me........ 

and it  frustrates me - me the woman with words overflowing - that I can NOT find any word that describes the joy - the pain - the pleasure from W's whips and floggers and quirts and paddles and canes.  Cannot find the word to open up my world to your eyes - to your emotions - to have you feel the sheer joy I feel.

Not even to another masochist ........... 

Not even to another sadist........... 

These sessions are so intense - so primal - so within ME - that there are no words to clearly paint the picture of the joy .. the love ... the contentment.


  1. Anonymous6:58 am

    Uh... you are doing a pretty good job expressing the emotions of your experience this morning. Though I don't quite understand how it all the dynamics work, am happy to hear it works for you and W. Thats all that couts.

  2. Ordalie2:07 pm

    I'm happy for you and I think you do manage to convey your feelings.


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