Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Well in my kitchen anyway!!!

Remember the other day I told you W brought me a Hyacinthe plant - and I promised you pictures??? 

Well here they are..............

 and the following one is just an explosion of colour (in my mind)

This virtually small plant has filled my kitchen with it's scent - and I just had to share that with you too...............

Did you smell it?? No???!!!  oh for heaven's sakes ... close your eyes... scratch again..... and inhale deeply ............... 

Spring is in the air !!!


  1. Anonymous6:22 am

    Lovely photos...scratch...scratch, a whiff!

    Wish I could post a picture to you of my fragrant gardenia bush. Its covered with white blossoms. And the house is filled with the scent.


  2. Strange, everytime I " scratch here " I get another scent other than flowers ☺ ☺

  3. Yes yes yes!!! Spring is finally coming. I have a small indoors greenhouse already sprouting things to relocate to the real greenhouse once the snow is gone. :)
    Your flowers are beautiful.

  4. lol, I was going to make a smarty pants remark about your scratch and sniff, but I'm laughing so hard at your W's response. There is no way to follow that. ROFL!

  5. I planted hundreds and hundreds of bulbs for these last year, in a lot of the places that I work. They are nearly all a lovely dark blue and work smells great :)


  6. viemoira9:34 pm

    LOL I think I did!


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