Tuesday, April 03, 2012

This 'n that

The picture today seemed appropriate - bits and pieces put together to give you one whole blog entry ......... or a semblance of one - you be the judge ...................

I decided - that if I was gonna get through the next year or so (or more) of work before retiring - I HAD to find a way of doing it so that I don't stretch myself toooo thin.......... Yesterday was day 1 of my new plan.  I went in to my office (after saying good morning to everyone and visiting a little bit ) closed the door - put Bryan Adams in my CD player - and got to work.  It really is amazing how much work one can get done with the door closed............. My new buzz phrase when someone asks me a stupid question (and I do get asked stupid questions frequently EVERY day) "What do YOU think you should do?" and then leave them to work out the answer.  In the past I tended to take over - cause it was quicker and easier........ Oh I will pitch in if they really don't know - OR if the problem is more my realm then theirs - but stupid questions??? nah let them figure it out....

By 3:30 everyone wanted to know if I was OK??? yeah I was fine - just doing my job.  (In my words to W - working to rule - following my job description - and letting everyone else stand on their own two feet)  It was an ok day - took some adjusting for me - for sure,  Of everyone I work with - this was probably hardest on me !!  I worked my 7 hours - closed up my office - and came home......... without any projects to complete when I got here !!

On the bright side - or brighter side - April 1st is our yearly salary increase to adjust for the cost of living ...... I got 27 cents more an hour............which works out to be approximately $9.45 more a week - then take taxes off that - and I might just see $20 more a month............ BUT as I said to W ( quoting my father) "it's better than a kick in the ass with a wet boot".


On an entirely different note - W brought me a Hyacinthia plant on the weekend - the buds were all closed up tightly and it looked for all the world like a weird shaped pineapple ......... but last night when I got home the buds were starting to open.. Tomorrow maybe I will post some pictures.  I do love flowers - would fill my house with them given the chance (and the money) and spring flowers have to be one of my favourites for adding a little joy.


I read this morning that our favourite play party is reopening for the season soon.  It's an outdoor play area so needless to say it closes down for the winter months.  They have posted public etiquette - Bandit said he wouldn't call them rules - and I agree with him.. what he listed are really just basic etiquette for play parties.  Now here's hoping he will enforce the rules - then W and I might just have found a place to play where we won't be interrupted ........ where we can play hard and fast and not have someone fall over in a dead faint........ where folks won't come charging into our scene and ask to borrow cameras - or want to talk to me.......... YAY for Bandit for having the guts to publicly post his expectations !!!


And that's about it for my 'this 'n that' ........... bits and pieces thrown together to create some semblance of a blog entry........... 


  1. Anonymous9:00 am

    WOW! Lots of interesting 'bits and pieces' Ugh! Salary increase like this side of the border...a slap in the face to educators! Love your question, throwing it back to the questioner! An outdoor adult play area, interesting concept... kinky recess! Wonder what kind of playground equipment is there.

    Take care

  2. Ordalie11:13 pm

    "What do YOU think you should do?"
    Written on a notice and stuck on your CLOSED door!

  3. viemoira8:34 pm

    Sounds like you are doing the right thing. If you stop jumping in to help others and force them to work it out you are enabling yourself to see that it can be done by them and that may feel good when you do decide to retire!


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