Saturday, April 21, 2012

Statistics - isn't that math?!

I may not like math but I do like statistics.  I may not like the new blogger interface - but I do like some of the new features (now that I am finding my way around) .......... 

They have a whole slew of statistics... 
 From traffic sources - to favourite posts - to audience - to search engines.

I spent a good part of yesterday morning (yeah yeah I should have been getting ready for work!!)  checking out all the statistics.........

Check these out........ 

The all time favourite post was entitled "Pussy torture questions"  - then came "cunt anyone" then "clamps and clothespins" ..........oh my god people!!!  that makes it sound like I write a whole lot of dirty porn doesn't it?? I hope they weren't too disappointed ..

The most used search word was "predicament bondage" (ok that's better - education is what it's all about) then came "spanking equipment"  but then (le sigh) we are back to the porn stuff with "cunts" "Pussy torture" "orgasm" "cock worship" ......... 

The most used referral site was "google"  followed by "my bottom smarts" "under his hand" and "the heron clan"........... 

The most visits came from the USA...... followed by Canada and the United Kingdom and the country with the least visits  is Italy. 

And last but not least - the most used browser ...... Internet Explorer followed very closely by Firefox........ and the least used browser was UP Browser (what the hell is UP Browser??!!)

Don't you feel so much more informed now??? Ok maybe you don't ... maybe you couldn't have cared less about MY statistics... but hey I found it interesting.. AND it is Saturday morning - after a long ...... longer.... longest week... and you just can't expect quality every single day .. can you??? 


  1. Anonymous8:08 am

    Um... morningstar... statistics = math, you are a closet mathematician...LOL and didn't know it. You did say in a previous post 'pussy torture' got your more hits than ever before. What in the world is predicament bondage?

    Have a great weekend

  2. I have yet to adapt to liking it. I'm hanging onto the old one with bleeding fingernails until the option to do so is gone lol.


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