Monday, April 30, 2012


 What a weekend !!!  W came over Friday late afternoon and we spent some quality time together without any obligations - no where to go - just snuggle time and time for me to decompress after a stressful/worrisome couple of weeks.  

On Saturday we had a wedding to attend - and on Sunday we had a birthday brunch to attend... so having Friday night together was a gift !

Now to the wedding - 
You all remember drakor - right?? Our close friend and member of our coffee klatch group??  We felt very honoured to be included in the family celebration.... 

I am perfecting my stressing skills - besides everything else on my plate - I added the "what the hell am I gonna wear to the wedding??!!"  The weather didn't help - it went from sunny summer temps a couple of weeks ago - back to below zero winter freezing temps!!!  After much humming and hawing .. I settled on a sparkly brown top with cream coloured palazzo pants.
Off we went and despite the poor bride getting hung up in road construction and traffic and being an hour late - the wedding went off without any other hitches. 

I was very nostalgic remembering my daughters' weddings - never mind my own so many years ago....... remembering the hopes, dreams and plans for the future.

There was lots of eye candy - while we sipped cocktails and nibbled hors d'oeuvres - it seems short short skirts are back - and skin tight - showing off well rounded asses... oh yeahhhhhh definitely eye candy for the girl watcher in me... 


On Sunday we went off to the birthday brunch of a good friend and Domme .. what fun sitting around enjoying a delicious  brunch and conversation.  Again I found myself becoming nostalgic - remembering how the BDSM community used to be .. and dreaming of finding that joy again one day soon.

Despite another day of freezing cold and having poor W crank the heat up in the car to try and warm me up on the way home.... it was a fun weekend ....... and being nostalgic is always a good thing - especially when it gives you something new to dream / aspire for....

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  1. Anonymous8:35 am

    Sounds like a great weekend! Happy to know you had some good times to balance out the stressful times.


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