Thursday, April 12, 2012

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I always watch TV as I go to sleep - I know I know everyone says it is the worst thing you can do.......... However .......... for whatever reason .... television puts me to sleep (in the middle of the day sometimes too) 

So last night I flipped on the boob tube and started to watch Criminal Minds.  Anyone else watch it last night???? Usually I am asleep within 5 minutes - BUT - last night Criminal Minds was about BDSM....... well sort of... and so I watched the whole thing.  

What a disappointment!!!  In this day and age - I honestly expect a little more mature informed plot line.  I finally gave up even trying to compare the show to the BDSM I know and love... it was about abuse and murder and all the usual trivia that most tv shows dish out.

The only television show that came close to the realities of BDSM / spankings was the CSI series that had "Lady Heather" .. especially the first one.  I thought then that the main stream media were actually getting it right..... and did the happy dance.  Last night's show made BDSM look like it was only about abusers and nut cases.  Such a pity.

I keep hoping for a break through - after all it wasn't that long ago that married couples couldn't be seen sleeping in the same bed on television........... and shows that involved any sort of homosexual activity weren't even on the drawing board.   But it would seem we are destined to be seen as nutcases and sickos for a while longer............. of course that does bring in the audiences more than normal well adjusted boring folk...... right?? 


  1. I agree with you. As far as TV goes, so far, the only one I enjoyed was the CSI with Lady Heather.

    As for movies, I do have a fondness for Secretary, I just wish they hadn't given Lee "mental issues".

    I've resigned myself to being a weirdo. Heck, who wants to be normal?

  2. Thought this was interesting, as I'm a huge fan of Criminal Minds generally, and I find in terms of crime shows it is better than most at portraying nuance.
    Although I found it a frustrating episode to watch, I did see them make a pretty clear distinction between voluntary submission and what happened in the episode.
    My parents watch this show too, so I am anxiously awaiting their concerned phone call :P
    Also, the show Bones did an episode about pony play once. Haven't seen it in awhile, but I recall having mixed feelings about it (which does at least mean some positive feelings!)

  3. viemoira9:44 pm

    Seen them and enjoyed the episodes!


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