Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rope Adventures ........

Yesterday I had some business in town.  I HATE driving into town and trying to find a street not dug up - and a parking space.  So I begged .....  cajoled .....bribed ......asked W to take me.  (He never has trouble with finding his way around town - and never EVER has problem finding a parking space.  Case in point - yesterday he found one 5 steps from where I had to go!!)

Now what I hadn't counted on - was a payback of sorts.  W brought rope - yards and yards of rope.  I knew what that meant - and immediately started doing calculations in my head....
* how much coffee had I had 
*  how long would we be gone
* how to beg W in such a way so I could breath for the next 3 hours or so

W tied me up in a rope harness......... something like this - but under MY clothes

now for some reason he asked if I would like to leave my underpants on and for some stupid reason I said "yes" ...... notice the placement of ropes BETWEEN the legs... 

Then W asked quite nonchalantly IF I still intended on wearing jeans... and dumb me didn't think about the consequences of that action and replied "yes"..... 

We hadn't been in the car for more than 10 minutes when I realized that unlike the other times I have gone out in a rope harness and wore a dress - there was gonna be no way in hell of getting THIS harness off me without stripping down naked!!!  I was in it for the duration.

Well everything went swimmingly - as I said - W got us down there in record time - found a parking spot and we went for lunch.  I was thirsty by this point and decided on a large coke ........ yup a LARGE one.  

After lunch we headed off to my appointment.  By the time we got into the office building and up to the 8th floor I realized - dammit - I had to pee.  

Now I started working out how I was gonna pee in a rope harness that was OVER my underpants........... I decided I was a big girl and I could hold it.  When we arrived at the office door - having passed the ladies washroom (which triggered the need to pee even more) - there was a card in the door stating they had gone for lunch and would be back in 15 minutes ........ oh dear god!!!  being a good girl and holding it was becoming more and more difficult.  I started pacing up and down the hallway.  Then doing the "I gotta pee" dance up and down the hall.  Then decided I had better pee............. 

Which involved going into another office to find/borrow/steal the bathroom key.  (What is it with office buildings now a days locking up the bathrooms???!!)  

Ok so I get in the bathroom - take off my coat .... peel down my jeans - and figure - right just separate the ropes between my legs - squat and do the deed............. OOOOOOPS .. under pants in the way......... now what??!!

Ok so let's try pulling down the pants a little bit - separating the ropes ... squatting and...... OOOOOOOOOPS.... underpants don't go down far enough and seem to get tangled up in the ropes... (trying to get them untangled and back up - seriously hard work) 

Final (and only option) push underpants and ropes to one side - as far as they can go - squat and do the deed.  

Well by now I really really have to focus - my bladder has decided not to cooperate.... so the squatting landing up being sitting... focus focus focus - and finally SUCCESS!!!  


oh my god....... i don't have my pants pushed far enough over.. oh my god I can't stop peeing to adjust........ oh my god........ my pants are wet  !!! 

I dabbed and dried the best I could - pulled my jeans back up - put my coat back ON - and went off to return the key and find W.  

By now the guy was back from lunch - so it was all business - and I was sort of a little fidgety.  Finally when we left the office and I turned to W and said ' Ya know how I don't like golden showers??'  He nodded "yup" .. " Well" I said......... " I just gave myself one" .... W laughed all the way to the car.

Honestly !!  Doms !!!  They have no sympathy.

Lesson learned - no underpants - EVER - under or over a rope harness - ya never know when nature will call ............



  1. It is a shame knot having a camera at times like this, butt see Me smile!!


  2. Anonymous8:20 am

    Chucklling...'doing the pee dance'...You and W have so much fun!


  3. LOL...although I do sympathize. Note to myself....keep this in mind! abby


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