Monday, November 09, 2009


and ouch again !!! my body hurts today..... and not for good reasons............

i spent yesterday - which was most definitely Indian Summer around here... out in my gardens digging up annuals that were dead and gone.......... and moving bushes around that had out grown their spot in the garden.......... i spent hours digging out weeds that spread from my neighbour's garden (cause they never EVER weed dontcha know! - there ought to be some sort of fence preferably invisible that i can put up against weeds spreading !!)

oh yeah on Saturday i spent much of the day shopping........... and you all know how much i HATE shopping.. and i went by myself which was worse still..............

BUT i did manage to get Christmas gifts for all my new staff (sure hope they are impressed) and managed to get a rusty orange la de dah top for the big dinner event next weekend with the 78th Fraser Highlanders - where i will be inducted into service as a "Milady" (here me growl?? i still declare i make a much better camp follower than Milady) i had to find something either black or rusty orange .. because i will be wearing the 78th Fraser Highland tartan - in the form of a sash ............. and if you read here you all know the tartan is orange and doesn't go with a single thing i have !!!

Then i went and haunted the geek squad that have had my pc for 2 weeks now !!! Instead of the 48 hours i was promised. BUT i finally got it and dragged it home........... only to find i had to reload all my programs.. and find my address book for my email (which i never did find) and all my contacts list (which i did find - and if memory serves me right i should be able to make an address book using the contacts list.......... BUT..........if you aren't on the contacts lists i am screwed .. or you are.. or not .. if you don't want emails from me.. (cheeky grin)

Saturday night i was a very spoiled subbie.. as i HATE driving into town.. and especially HATE it at night............. so Sir came and got me and took me and eldest daughter and husband to meet up with my brother and his family (they are university shopping for their youngest ) ......... i was glad to have Sir and eldest daughter there to act as buffers...time with my brother is a bit like walking through a mind field.......... unfortunately :(

At one point yesterday i had 3 computers going.. yup.. THREE !!! i had the pc going.. the netbook and the laptop.. the laptop was for reference ... cause trust me.. i didn't remember a damn thing about how to set up my email accounts.. or how to set up the wireless system... (still don't have the printer set up....... sigh......... but maybe this week i will figure that one out) So i guess i really do earn Sir's title of "computer geek"........... i would much rather earn the title submissive on her knees..............

And just for the record for those of you who care........ youngest daughter is still nursing H1N1 victims at her place.. everyone has it but her.... and it would seem still have it this morning !!! And the new baby is due................ last week sometime??? .. Her doctor promises that Jordan Liam will be here sometime this week ........... and granny is getting excited !! It is time now..........

And that dear readers is my Monday Morning Report !!


  1. Hopefully your sense of accomplishment overpowers the pain. i detest shopping as well! Hope the family fighting H1N1 recovers quickly!

  2. awesome about getting all that done in one weekend! totally impressed... and feel for your poor daughter !NOt only as she is NOW overdue and probably feels like a beached whale, but she doesn't even get to REST....


  3. Well, Milady --
    This will turn out just fine. You know it will, and your Sir will be so proud!

    I am so sorry your daughter is up against the H1N1 just at this point. She needs to be resting and being taken care of, and I know that with H1N1 in her house there is no one to take care of her! I hope this new little one arrives safe and sound and soon. Keeping mom and little one in mind as these next few days go by.



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