Friday, November 27, 2009

took a peak......

i took a peak at next week on my calendar........

OH MY GOD it is December 1st !!!

Every year for so many years i have been so ready for December 1st.. the blog had a holiday look.. i had signed up for the Holidailies... the baking was started.. the parties planned.

This year..........


Well that's not entirely true.. i have done some Xmas shopping - got gifts for my staff, for two of the grandkids, and i at least have a half assed baking plan.........

BUT that's it !!

dear swan left me a message over on the Heron Clan a week ago..... reminding me that i said (last Christmas) never again to entertaining my staff....... but that was the old staff.. i have new staff.. and am sorely tempted. i also said no Holidailies - and that i AM sticking to...

i kind of .. sort of... told my kids how i felt after last Christmas (for those that missed that happy - NOT - post ........... i felt like i was playing second fiddle to all their other activities). So they have promised me the 24th for OUR Christmas. and i know .. in my heart of hearts that somehow .. someway .. in the next 25 days or so i will pull it all together.. and Christmas will indeed come.

It's just right now............ it seems such a daunting task.

Stay tuned though........ i do plan on decorating a bit around here... on The Journey .. mainly for all the "Scrooges" and "Grinches" that read here....... i love to wiggle my ass and be a pain in their butts as much as possible (and no...... Sir.. i am absolutely NOT referring to You.. no way no how !!)

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  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Have a good December and Christmas.


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