Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Family - no i am not going to talk about my preggie daughter and how the baby has not arrived yet.

Many years ago.. when i first started reading blogs.. i stumbled across a blog that i read faithfully. It was written by a submissive who was in a "leather" family. She lived with her Master and a few miles away lived 2 other dominants (male and female). She wrote about the sessions she had with her Master.. and from time to time with this other couple. There was also another Dominant who lived miles away who would drop in from time to time.

i was so intriqued by this submissive and her "leather" family. Her blog was like a drug.. a fantasy drug... a designer drug........ i craved the latest installments. And it wasn't just BDSM either... she often talked about her Master's business, and how she would cook for his staff, how she would keep the books .. and do other chores.

She had the life i dreamed of.


She "moved" away from the East Coast to the West Coast, and just stopped posting. Many months later i found out (i can't remember how) that her whole blog.. the stories she told were woven out of fairy dust and magic, and absolutely no reality.

There was also a book i read ...... once upon a time...... about a slave who belonged to a "leather" family. The name of the book was "To Love Honour and Obey" (i believe) and i actually found the author's website at one point in my travels around the net. She (it would appear) was/is very real.

All of this is to say........ i have been thinking recently (again) about Leather Families.

i have other stuff to say about it........ questions to ask...... and thoughts to share... so stay tuned. But now....... well now.. my kiddies call.... so i am off (yeah yeah .. i know ....... i have been "off" for a long time now)


  1. Anonymous11:08 am

    Are you referring to the woman who wrote "Life as His"? If so, I'd never heard that the entire blog was a figment of her imagination. I loved her writing, though it certainly was extreme.

  2. honestly, morningstar, there is just so much CRAP out there - usually it is not that hard to figure out what is bs and what isn't but damn, some of those writers are REALLY good at pretending ... in itself, when you think abouti t, that is pretty sad and pathetic - to create an entire "life" for yourself.

    Do ya think the one they're actualy living is lacking?? Guess so, eh.

  3. Interesting, my Sir began a conversation the other day based on how much we read only and the probability of its reality.


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