Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cum ... NOW

i have read a number of blogs where the submissive is trained to cum on command. Ok i don't have too much problem with the idea........... i for one can not cum unless i ask permission to cum first... (not always an easy thing to do... occasionally the orgasm just explodes out of me even before i have formed the request in my mind)

BUT to cum on command without any sex involved.. without any touching.. the Dom says "CUM" and the submissive very sweetly just makes me think of the movie... When Sally met Harry (it was Harry wasn't it?? .. i am really bad with movie names....) but you know the one i mean.. where the heroine sits in a coffee shop and explains how women fake orgasms and then proceeds to demonstrate how easy it is??

Well when i read about submissives who cum on command.. when i read Dominants bragging about how obedient their submissive is.. and how she comes on command... i can't help but think to myself that the submissive must be a pretty good actress... cause come on now folks.... if you are gonna be totally honest... i am betting there isn't a woman out there who hasn't faked at least one orgasm.......... it is good for the male's ego.,.. pure and simple.. and as submissives aren't we really into male egos.. and stroking them? So to cum on command seems like a simple enough thing to do.. in my warped mind... a few "ohhhhh's" and a few "ahhhhhhh's" a few trembles... a clenching of delicate muscles... and shriek or two to make it believable... .et voila ... one orgasm on command

Sorry Guys....... yes guys.. dominants.. males... but You really aren't that good.... .there is a whole mess of things that really have to happen to bring a woman's body to the point of orgasm.. and standing there glaring at her across a crowded room and ordering CUM NOW... just isn't one of those things..

All of this came to mind now... because i experienced not once but twice this phenomena, Saturday evening at the play party. What made the whole thing very suspect .. in my mind..was that both times the submissives who were cumming on command.... were not being played with by their own Dominants... they were being played with by another person.
Somehow it might have held a little more credance for me If it had been their Dominant.. cause ya know... He might have slid something in... might have been teasing her... .might have done a number of discrete things to bring about this orgasm.

BUT that wasn't the case.. the Dominant was flogging the submissive. The Dominant got louder and louder .. finally shrieking at the submissive "TALK TO ME GIRL.. COME ON TALK TO ME.. YEAH TALK TO ME!!!" and then .. "GIVE IT TO ME .. YEAH GIVE IT TO ME.. GIVE IT TO ME ................. NOW" and then there were the required "ohhhhhhhh's" and "ahhhhhhh's" and trembling body. and we were all left to assume she had actually cum on command.

i could not help but think that if any Dominant (Sir included) shrieked at me in that manner i would fall out of the nice space i was in so fast.. crash so hard..there would be no going back. AND THE look i would give the Dominant!!! well it would be pretty clear i was wondering WTF was His problem. Ya don't shriek or yell at me when you are flogging my ass. Shrieking/ yelling equates anger to me... and i get right nervous when i sense someone holding a flogger is angry with me. Trust me.. orgasm would be the farthest thing from my mind at that moment !!

So why did these two women cum on command.. even fake on command.. what is the point?? to stroke the ego of the person playing with them?? It is the only answer i can come up with. Honest it is. and ya know what .. i would feel so very cheated if i had to fake an orgasm to please some ego inflated Dominant. Orgasms are more like precious gifts to me... given and received. It isn't a public power play .. it isn't a game...

Ah wellllllllll.. to each their own.


  1. YES. Well, no secret that I think it total bullshit too - for the exact reasons you give. I DO think that some people might "fool" themselves into believing the truth of it - and I hate and won't call people "liars" per se - but SHOW ME THE PROOF- I keep coming back to the realities of BIG business and SCIENCE. Sex sells - pure and simple - IF there was ANY creedance in this - I believe to my core that big industry would be jumping on the bandwagon QUICKLY and thorooughly.

    PLUS - I read sex studies - not ONCE did I find anything to support this claim - it is, I believe and no one will convince me otherwise, a BDSM MYTH.

  2. or a game in the form of ego stroking selkie..

    morningstar (owned by Warren)

  3. Anonymous9:27 am

    I have written on this in my journal also and I did some medical research and even asked a Sex Doctor about it.

    The reply a woman CANNOT *cum* as in clitoris, over whelming shakes, pleasurable feeling, without stimulation that feeling we all know, without stimulation.

    I had someone tell me once that they could be sitting at their work desk, their Master call on the phone and say *CUM* and well she would cum. Bull shit. Not physically possible.

    Now - I can *cum* on command BUT and here is the BUT, I am already there, at the edge, his saying *cum* is no different then me asking to *cum* at that point.

    I cannot cum from a phone call, I cannot cum from my Master sitting beside me and whispering *cum* in my ear or all the other *cum on command scenarios*

    good post!


  4. i can and have cum on command, but only with Daddy and only becuase He took the time and enrgy to train me to do so. i have posted about this on my blog. i know a lot of people don't believe me when i say this, and that's ok. i can imagine if i had never experienced it i wouldn't believe it either. But, i can say without a doubt that if some other Dom were playing me and started shouting at me to cum, it wouldn't happen. Daddy and i have a lot of trust built up, and we strong connection that i don't have with anyone else, so that person could yell and shreik and command i cum until eternity, i would be unable to do it. Just my Opinion.

  5. Hmmm .... I have never been able to cum on command.
    I don't know that I would want to either.
    I wont say that it can't be done, but I am very skeptical.
    No matter how much you control your muscles and breathing.

  6. "and as submissives aren't we really into male egos.. and stroking them?" - Well personally I must say no I am not into stroking male egos :)

    I can't cum on command either.


  7. i cannot cum on command, nor without stimulation for that matter. i don't dispute the possibility if the training occurs to make a mental connection between Ana action and coming, but beyond that i would have to agree that its likely fake.

  8. morningstar,
    i hope you dont mind me commenting on this but i just cant resist!

    in the light of absolutely no empirical evidence. with the fact that there is not one of the foremost institutes that study human sexuality, that has done, or even given the topic of orgasm on command without any prior physical stimulation, any credence, let alone seriously looked at the phenomenon, that a search for any article in the scientific community has come up short. i have been unable to find even any reputable BDSM authors that have dealt with the subject.

    this so call phenomena is nothing more that a myth.

    for those of you who think they have mastered this feat, contact Master and Johnston, The Kinsey Institute or the Hite institute and make yourselves available for scientific testing.

    the testing is quiet simple, and performed under rigorous conditions. a few electrodes Will be attached to the female genitalia, to monitor contractions, and a simple blood test after orgasm to determine if the hormone oxytocin is present in the blood. for those of you not aware the hormone is released into the bloodstream upon orgasm.

    coming on command is an internet myth, a delusion that has not one iota of empirical evidence to substantiate its existence.

    now if you can come on command ,if you have mastered this incredible feat, then i urge you to contact Master and Johnston, The Kinsey Institute or the Hite institute and make yourselves available for scientific testing.

    if you believe that you can do it, then step up and prove it.!!!


  9. I laughed soooo hard reading this post. It really did give me such a chuckle.

    Go ahead. Cum on command. You know you want too. roflmao

    Seriously though I did see a poly man who claimed his other submissives would cum on his command. Ah well, we can't all be perfect. :-)


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