Monday, September 28, 2009

Mixed bag

It was a mix of a weekend.............

Friday we met up with Cloud (after a long longgggg time) for our coffee klutch and discussion. With my new hours at the new school Friday afternoon coffees are pretty much a thing of the past sadly. BUT we managed to squeeze one in this past week. Then Sir and i grabbed a quick bite of dinner before He headed off to an exec meeting of His train club...........

Saturday.. Sir took me shopping to find stuff for school - at the dollar store - god you gotta love the dollar store when you have virtually no budget and a HUGE room to decorate for the seasons and holidays!! We even found this amazing witch hat for me which (hopefully) the older kids will see the humour in.......... (after all i am the witch that is changing their world - insisting on routine and respect )

Later Saturday evening Sir had me over the ottoman for my weekly whooping ... only truthfully i don't think either of us was much into the idea........... it happens from time to time.... the moons don't align well and it doesn't much work........... BUT Sir did try something new that i rather enjoyed.. He bound my upper thighs together tightly with a leather strap and then brought the ends down and bound my ankles together........ it greatly cut down on my "wiggle" room...

BUT i had cleaned the play room this past week....... after a long day at work... i dragged the vacuum and the cleaning stuff downstairs and give it a spit and polish.. it has been so long since we used the room... and i tend to ignore it most cleaning days.... and i guess i had this subconscious desire to be hanging from the chains naked or strung up on the cross.... and of course when He had me over the ottoman all i could do in my head was run the dialogue "it's not fair we have this perfectly good play room downstairs - with all the toys ... with all manner of torture devices... and He never uses it anymore.. why did i clean it.. why did i tidy up the toys.. why must it always be a wham bang thank you ma'am whooping over the ottoman... no wonder i am so out of shape when we play publicly... and i feel as though i wimp out... " bad dialogue - bad subbie !!!

Sunday morning was a quiet - recharge the batteries - morning before we headed off to youngest grandson's 3rd birthday !!

It was fun........... and i love seeing the excitement as he opens his gifts .. and squeals with delight ................ BEST of all i loved watching his glow in the light of the candle on his birthday cake.. and watching him gobble down the strawberries leaving the cake and cream for everyone else....... who ever heard of a kid - a 3 year old kid !! - wanting strawberries for his birthday !!!

And then.. i got to "play with" Jordan... the new one due in just under 7 weeks..

The one that is digging his heels into mommy's spine.... pushing on her stomach and making her sick... who kicks and does somersaults and just basically wears "mommy" out ....

Yup it was definitely a mixed bag weekend................ but a good one cause no matter what we do.. or who we do it with....... i am with my Sir.... and it feels good when He wraps His protective shield around me and keeps me safe from all the monsters under the bed..........


  1. doesn't sound like a bad weekend at all.... so CUTE your little guy and of that beautiful, wonderful belly - so amazing to think of the baby inside, just waiting....

  2. Awwww .... the picture of your grandson is gorgeous!
    Funny though, my son wouldn't eat the cake, cream OR strawberries!
    He'd ask for a banana (he has before!). lol

    The baby belly is stunning!
    Like Selkie said, knowing that a tiny human life is inseide ... *sigh* to precious!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. That grandson is amazing -- and I was reminded of my brother, Gregg who always insisted (from the time he could manage to say the word) on STRAIGHT strawberries.

    The baby belly is lovely, and how exciting is that?

    And, I do sympathize with that internal dialog that winds itself around whatever you might be obsessing about at the moment... it makes "getting into it" particularly impossible! You are, of course, not a bad subbie. Just a woman that has things that call to you...

    hugs, swan


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