Saturday, September 05, 2009


Memory is a funny thing......... things you have forgotten just kind of pop up ... in your face.. and a whole sensation of emotions /sensations flow through your body.

That is what happened to me yesterday - at work - in front of the pc - entering data till i was nearly blind.

And poof ...... there was this memory of last weekend's needle session. And a sound - i can't describe it at all.. but there was a sound that made me turn my head and glance over at Sir (who was sitting on the floor beside me). He was unbuckling His belt.

And as i sat there in front of my computer, a whole waft of emotions and sensations flooded through my body.

i remembered feeling slightly threatened by the thought of His removing His belt.

i remembered feeling slightly excited by His removing His belt.

i remember thinking "god i hope He is gonna use that on my ass" (He could have just been full from dinner)

i remember feeling so damn horny as i watched Him fold it neatly in half.

and i remembered the feeling .. the sting.. the slap of that belt across my ass.

Yeah memories are weird......... things you thought you had forgotten can come flooding back when you least expect them.

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