Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Trip to Quebec City

This past weekend Sir and i went to Quebec City with the 78th Fraser Highlanders. It was a trip into the past. 250 years ago the British landed at Quebec City and there was an infamous battle which the British won. (go Brits !!)

This summer there was talk of organizing a re-enactment of that battle - but because of a small faction of separatists the government canceled the re-enactment. Well much like 250 years ago, we stole into town in the dark of night and had our celebrations. What follows are pictures of the weekend....... i hope you enjoy them. (if you want to see the large version there is a button in the right hand bottom corner of the slide show that will fill your screen - you only have to hit esc to get back to the blog...... btw.. the pictures are all rated "general" )

This slide show is of Quebec City. On Friday afternoon while we waited for the rest of the "gang of rabble-rousers" to arrive Sir and i took a walking tour of the old city.

This next slide show is of the festivities....... unfortunately for some reason i can't seem to add comments to the slides......... so in a nutshell here is the order of events......

We took a cruise to see the landing site of the British... and to try and get a feel for the enormous task they faced scaling the cliffs........

Then we were taken to the actual landing site and watched as the young 78th Fraser Highlanders rowed into sight and disembarked - the boat they are in was hand made and a replica of a boat similar to what they would have actually used to land.

Sunday morning we went to the Garrison to hold a ceremony ... the french and the British were represented, rifles were fired, swords exchanged all in the name of brotherhood, understanding and history.

What an amazing weekend we had !!!


  1. Good shots..

    Owner of morningstar

  2. Stunning! Really. Except for the occasional Penske rent-a-truck, there's no real indication that you aren't in some absolutely lovely re-created walled city someplace. What a spectacular set of photos.


  3. What lovely photos!

    I guess I WILL have to take that trip to Quebec City now!
    So beautiful ....

  4. I got no photos. *Wahhhhhh*

    I canna see them. I doan ken why.


  5. Anonymous9:37 am

    ohh I love Quebec!! When we lived in Ontario the kids and I used to go visit at least once a year..i miss that!

    I'm so jealous..:) glad you two enjoyed it!


  6. what a gorgeous city ... it has been so long since I've been there I had forgotten (of course soem of those times I don't think I would remember ANYWAY as it was Carnivale!).

    What terrific shots - your camera is certainly working out well!

    Glad you guys had fun!


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