Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A slave

i have become a slave.......... oh my god how did it happen??!!! A SLAVE - for god's sakes!!!

But not a slave to Sir.. not a slave to my work.. or my children.. or god forbid weddings..... but a slave to numbers....

i realized this morning as i logged on to the net and went immediately to the stats for my blog .. even before my eyes were fully open.. or my coffee made.......

i was studying the stats for my blog... how many newcomers.. how many return visitors.. how many pages read.......... and i was shocked.... i had my largest day ever yesterday.. over 300 visitors... 300??!!! i honestly do believe there must have been some sort of glitch in the system.... that many people reading that many pages.. and not one comment?? ok wait.. yes i had a comment .. but i mean from strangers......

And it sort of put to rest my fear that if i didn't keep writing the dark secrets of my life as a masochist no one would come......... cause folks .. i haven't written anything dark and eerie.. or sensual or erotic or dirty.. for days now... i have written about mystery bugs.. and Bridal Teas.. and still they ... YOU.. come.

Which only goes to prove the point made to me in a email.......... i am more than a masochist.. and people enjoy reading about those other parts of my life... (god i hate when he is right !!! and HE knows who HE is!!)

It also goes to prove the point that i have become obsessed with numbers.. they are up they are down.. and wondering why .. wondering how.... enough already !!!

This blog was originally started to give me a place to sound off on all my theories about BDSM.... all my beliefs.. and sometimes even a tale or two about what goes on behind closed doors....... to give the frustrated writer in me an outlet.........

Somewhere along the way i have become a slave to the numbers.... and to the words.. and if i don't think i have anything to say about BDSM i feel i have nothing to say.......... so wrong.. on so many levels.

So i will write.. through the dry BDSM days .. through the stresses of weddings and work.. and mystery bugs that lay me low........ because one thing i know for sure...... i am a frustrated writer.. who desperately needs an outlet for all the words that pile up and tumble around inside my head...........

And so the writing will continue... i don't know from one day to the next what words will tumble out onto the page......... but there are enough of them that i have no fear of running out.........


  1. Don'tcha just hate it when I'm right?

  2. It used to be that there "Lies, damned lies and statistics". I think you've just added to that sampler.

    I'm one of those strangers that wandered around, looking in the corners. I hardly ever move the furniture, although I did straighten a frame once.

    Thought you'd wanna know.

    Mr. Upton Ogood

  3. "Mr. Upton Ogood"........ i have noticed you adjusting that frame... how could i not - with a nick like that.... and a blocked profile as well...

    you peak my curiosity...

  4. I come to read regularly as I am sure others do because you write so well. On all subjects not just BDSM.

    But 300 visits in one day wow, that is impressive, I'm jealous!


  5. Anonymous8:57 pm

    I'm almost obsessive over my stats too but mostly for curiosity's sake. I've had a pretty big jump in numbers but so far as I can tell, most of em come from my comments to kaya's entries. She's a good source of traffic! -snickers-

    Doesn't hurt that I'm postin naughty picts either, it seems. Go figure!

  6. i also obsess over my numbers. maybe we could start a support group for us that are addicted to numbers:
    "hi, my name is puppy and i am a numberaholic"-lol.
    i read your blog regularly and enjoy it alot. i wish i were a smidge as eloquent as you in my blog~i have also put you in my "blogs i read" list.

  7. I always come ....
    (cheeky grin)

    Just thought you'd want to know.
    Oh, and can't Buffalo be an irritating SOB?! lol
    Matters not ... my world would be dull without either of you! :D

    I have always enjoyed reading about your life, especially the BDSM ... I have learned much about myself, and what some new things i'd like to try ...IF I can find the right partner (NOT an easy task!) lol

    Thank you LittleOne/Morningstar!

  8. We phase into and out of obsessing on our numbers. Trying to explain the ebbs and flows of Blog stats is about as ambiguous as analyzing investment markets. Last month we had one of the leanest months we've had in the last couple of years. Then magically the last two or three weeks we've had a grand resurgance. Monday we had a first in or stats. We had 300 hits....not 299...not 316.....but 300 on the nose. I felt like we should have given a toaster to the 300th reader or something.

    I think for us, besides finding it interesting and validating that we can see our Blog traffic, we enjoy seeing the varied places world wide that our readership comes from.

    Today should be a big one. We have up a description of a recent session complete with aftermath pics. Yes, it is one of swan's rare bare spanked butt pics! The butt shot effect seems to always have huge effect. It is 10:00 AM and already we have 125 hits and the total hits graph already has an amazingly sharp slope. We will likely see 300 plus today or more, and then declining readership (or should I say viewership) for days to come.

    For us I think the trick is to enjoy the stats as a point of significnat interest, but never to change what we would write based upon the ups and downs of statcounter. It's not like we are receiving paid subscriptions. We get the same extrinsic reward from a 125 hit day as a 425 hit day.

    Your Blog has huge value for us and many others. You are authentic, honest, responsible, aticulate, and warm. If you have 125-hit-days or 500-hit-hours, you are you, and we hope you will continue to please and express yourself here. We, selfishly, want to keep having the pleasure of connection to you via this medium.

    All the best,


    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

  9. Blocked profile? Geez...is that like a blocked haircut thing? Maybe it's my block-like chiseled jaw that gives my profile it's John Barrymore ish quality. (I'll double check and see if it isn't my double chin)



  10. i come by pretty often, and yes i enjoy the posts about mysterious bugs, and your days at work. Your writing reflects my days and my ideals.

    Life has many facetts, and we should live them all and reflect on them all.


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