Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 4

i am on day 4 of this mystery bug...........

i am still sneezing and coughing and aching.........

i am trying to dot all my i's and cross all my t's before next Tuesday.......... while blowing my nose.......

i have had enough..... thank you very much........

chicken soup.. Tylenol.. cough syrup.. kleenixed out.........

oh .. but i did discover something new the other day at the drugstore.. they are now selling kleenix with anti viral crap in them.. promises to kill all germs in the kleenix in 15 minutes. Now i am wondering who timed this killing spree? i am wondering why they bothered?? i also fell prey to the advertising and bought a box........

The kleenix has this layer of blue spots in the middle of the double ply ...... i am guessing those blue spots are the virus killers.. i am also starting to wonder if i stuff enough of those blue spots up my nose will they kill the germs in my nose in 15 minutes ??? i think i am getting desperate..

day 4 and counting.............


  1. Come on, morningstar. It is a little bug, not a portent of the apocalypse. Cowboy up.

  2. Oh yeah. I forgot.

    Wiggle wiggle.

  3. buffalo,

    What you never get a flu bug?? I have a tough old bird that has her wings clipped right now....

    I think the bug needs a good sound whipping, don't you?

    Owner of a ill subbie

  4. I think you're little bug has made it's way south ...
    to me.


    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Forget all the medicinal rubbish try this. 1 part whisky, 2parts hot water and a teaspoon of honey. It will do absolutely nothing to cure your bug or alleviate the symptoms but if you drink enough of this you will stop caring about the symptoms. Getting hammered on hot honeyed whisky and being able to tell everyone it is for medicinal reasons is why God invented bugs. Well if he/she didn't then that is a god who does not deserve to be worshiped.

    Prefectdt (awaiting a lightning bolt from offended deity)

  6. hope you feel better soon...does not bode well for the coming winter - it seems half of toronto (including my entire family- EXCEPT me) is down wiht it ...

    echenecia - boost your immune system


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