Sunday, September 21, 2008

snuffle snuffle

Now i know i am dating myself - according to an email i received.... when i say i have the grippe - However i do have to clarify something here... "le grippe" is a common french expression and though i do write for you anglophones (cheeky grin) sometimes a french expression or two will slip in.. the only thing i will admit to is that i did actually spell it wrong... BUT my brain is total mush from this bug so how can i be expected to check every last little word for spelling / grammar???

The cough syrup doesn't taste any better - but it does seem to offer some relief.. the Tylenol works fairly well on the aches and pains.. for 3 hours .. the fact that i am not supposed to take more than 2 every 4 hours seems to be a mute point for this bug !!!

Yesterday i managed to vacuum the main level and run a duster.. AND i was totally ashamed by the glaring filth of the living room windows... and because my daughter's future mother in law will be coming to tea here today.. i actually managed to wash the living room windows yesterday morning.. (Rumour has it Sir took a couple of pictures of my naked ass hanging out the window...... but so far it is only a rumour)

Now this isn't really what i wanted to discuss today... i was wondering if anyone else has a similar reaction to me to being sick... i feel so useless... i am supposed to be the one taking care of .. not being taken care of...... and worse than that. this weekend i have managed to stay upright.. and get little jobs done.. like feeding my Sir.. and i have even managed a wiggle or two in His direction.... BUT i am so NOT in any shape for any play........ and yeah yeah i know that is life... and yeah yeah i know that part of Sir's job is making sure i am healthy etc etc... BUT why do i feel so damn guilty that i can not perform to my best???

What if Sir really wanted to whip my ass this weekend.. or have some mind blowing sex... or tie me up and throw me in a corner???? Why do i always feel like i have failed Him when i get these damn bugs and am half the submissive (or a quarter the submissive) i should be??? Does anyone else feel like this????

And no Sir is NOT complaining... and yes i am doing this guilt trip to myself...... but i can't be the only one. am i??? to feel these feelings of inadequacy when i am under the weather..........

ohhhhh well.... we have wonderful BDSM plans for next weekend - so it could be worse - i could have come down with this "grippe" next weekend and not been able to go.......... this weekend the worse that i am missing is a little flogging on the run......... the Bridal Tea will still go on.. i can snuffle my way through that........ so slap me upside the head.. things could be much worse.. i know i know !!!

BUT i still wonder if anyone else feels these feelings of inadequacy............


  1. What a drama queen! Egads, woman.

    Grippe, (not grip), does spring from French. It has long been anglicized - unless you're French or are someone that wants to impress the world with their bilingual ability. (It would be more impressive if you hadn't whined about male/female noun designations. And they do make perfect sense.)

    Pronunciation: \╦łgrip\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French, literally, seizure
    Date: 1776
    : an acute febrile contagious virus disease ; especially : influenza 1

    Speedy recovery, little girl. As much for W's sake as your own. The man will undoubtedly be canonized.

  2. Me.
    I put myself through exactly this sort of useless, goes nowhere fussing when I don't feel well. He tends to drop into caregiver mode when I am not well, and the part of me that thinks about that feels bad -- because it is so not the way things are "supposed" to be.
    It also seems to me that when I am running a fever, my dreams are filled with all sorts of BDSM imagery that tends to cause me to long for play at a level that I couldn't possible pull off under the circumstances.
    What can you do?

    Try and get through the festivities. Take care of yourself. Get well.


    P.S. -- I never take 2 Tylenol. I always take them four at a time. It has yet to kill me. Wouldn't recommend washing them down with whiskey, but other than that, I am pretty sure you can handle the higher dosage -- and it might help you feel better.


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