Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lil rituals

Sir and i have these lil rituals... lil things that remind me who i am .. my place in the scheme of things if you like..

Like calling Him Sir.. which is kinda funny.. at first when we were together we were only ever together with friends in the lifestyle.. so calling Him Sir was not difficult at all..(well once i got the hang of the thing) no one expected anything else to come out of my mouth.. my girls knew i called Him Sir.. and the why... and over the years i have noticed that they call Him Sir more than they call Him Warren.... BUT recently Sir and i have been doing a lot of things in vanilla company.. (besides wedding affairs.. ) and i turn to call Him and catch myself.. i stammer and stutter and find it difficult to spew out "Warren" .. it is like a foreign language to me..

Then there is the clothing ritual - well i like to think of it as a ritual... in the house - as much as Sir would like me naked - because of non-consensual neighbours .. delivery men.. and other odd assortment of people walking by the front windows.. naked isn't really an option.. So i wear a tshirt.. and only a tshirt in the house. (ok ok in the winter i can wear a sweat shirt - so sexy no?? ) Even during this past week or so when i have been fighting with the mystery bug.. i still came home and stripped down to a tshirt ... There are times - wearing only a tshirt can be a problem... like last evening.. the doorbell rang... now i had on a BDSM tshirt that Sir made me for me.. complete with a naked picture of myself on the back... but when i peaked out to see if i should just ignore the door bell i realized it was an administrator from my townhouse complex.. now i was in a quandry.. you see .. if Sir is here.. He would answer the door while i ran to find some sweat pants or shorts or something to pull on...... but i was alone.. so i made a mad dash up the stairs.. grabbed a pair of pants and was trying to pull them on as i dashed back down the stairs.. (now that is a recipe for an accident if ever there was one !!) Now don't get me wrong.. i am not complaining about the tshirt rule.. i rather enjoy the freedom it affords.. unless of course the doorbell rings........

i also wear a collar .. a necklace for anyone who doesn't know.. made of chainmail... it is heavy and unfortunately the first thing to go when i am sick.. it gets ripped from my neck because .. when i am sick.. i have this phobia about anything around my neck.. especially if i am coughing and spewing.. something.. anything around my neck makes me feel like i can't breath.. i know i know.. that isn't rational.. but there it is....

But the one lil ritual we have.. one that i often trespass over.. is the one i want to talk about..
It is not entering a room if Sir is in it.. without permission.. Often times when Sir is here.. i will be all involved in things.. (talking to Sir or completing some task like closing the curtains) and just bounce into the room without thinking to stop and ask.... i am getting better (god i would hope so !!! this rule has been in effect for a couple of years at least) and tend to skid to a halt just inside the room.. and then wiggle my toes backwards till they are almost at the edge of the door frame.. BUT the weirdest thing has been going on these past few days.... i have been stopping before i enter the living room !! and there is no one here but me and the cats ........ and i have been stopping !!! The first time it happened i sort of scratched my head and said "what is THAT about??" and continued on in.. but it has been happening over and over when i go to enter the living room.... it makes me laugh.. i would say i have that lil ritual down pat now. !!!

Now if i could just get better so that i can have my Sir back .. and someone to appreciate all these lil rituals.. the cats don't notice.. though the neighbours may be starting to.. (cheeky grin)


  1. May I point out there is to be a pair of pants near the door at all times, so accidents don't happen??

    Maker of the protocols for morningstar

  2. Anonymous12:20 pm

    hi there girly- girl! i have been away from my readings for sooo long- but today you made me laugh! im glad you are obeying the rituals set forth by you Owner, even if He isnt around to see..lol.. i find i do the same.. (well, mostly...lol)im glad im not the only one to scratch her head and talk to herself at those times..lol. i hope you are getting better and better from your illness sweetie.

  3. You mean you're not well yet?


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