Thursday, September 04, 2008

In the beginning..........

i have been so behind in reading my favourite blogs........ i had forgotten how much time work actually takes up..... especially in September......... BUT this morning - for some stupid reason - i was up before the birds....... and so i went to read some of the blogs i have missed over the last week or so............. and swan from the Heron Clan had posted a link to a study done on folks who practice BDSM......

It was an article written in Australia.. on a study done on practicing BDSMers...... the title of the article is catchy "Bondage Lovers Not Sexually Abnormal". And if you are interested in reading the article in its entirety click here.

Now truthfully i was not surprised by what the article had to say....... i know i am not sexually abnormal........ and i know i am not sexually deficient in any way !!! i think what intrigued me the most was learning what vanilla folks actually think about "us"......After all they don't actually come out and say anything to our faces ya know !!! They tend to make snide comments.

This study - hopefully - is a beginning of more studies that will continue to show that we are not a threat to the communities we live in.. we are not a threat to children.. or innocent vanilla folk.. that we have not sprouted horns and tails that we keep well hidden........... That indeed we are just like everyone else.. with a lifestyle that differs slightly..........

BUT then .. human nature doesn't tend to trust something that it is a bit out of the norm does it?? All the studies in the world.. all the reassurances .. all the education in the world won't stop people prejudging. After all we still tend to treat folks that look different or act different as though they might be contagious.. or dangerous.. or lacking in education or some fundamental social skills and we tend to give them wide berth.

But it IS a beginning..... and hopefully with time........ our lifestyle won't be seen as something needing "legal legislation" .

and just because it has been so long... i have posted some pics to the Photojournal....... click the link on the right..........


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  2. whoops fucked up that last comment...
    I have never looked at you as anything more than just another human being doing what you do....
    Ya still a nice person.... well i fink so!

  3. steve you are such a sweetie.. i KNOW you have never said snide things !!! You wouldn't dare.. LOL

    morningstar (owned by Warren)


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