Friday, September 19, 2008

One small email......

i am probably running the risk of sounding like i am repeating myself......... but have i told you how busy Septembers are for me??

i have to have all the government documents signed sealed and delivered by the 30th of September.. or did i tell you that already?

i am hosting a Bridal Tea this weekend.. or did i tell you that already??

i have been coming home every night this week and baking .. or cleaning.. or baking and cleaning...... or did i tell you that already??

i have been fighting traffic every single evening coming home - because they have virtually every single road torn up between here and work.. and a bridge or two as well.. or did i tell you that already??

Last night i made it home in record time.. i am getting good at dodging the torn up streets and traffic (well at least last night i did) .. i had the best of all plans..... clean upstairs.. clean all the bathrooms.. ice the last pan of squares for the tea.. find something to eat for supper.. have a bath and fall into bed........ exhausted.

Best laid plans right??

Sir left me a task email (He was out for dinner). When i had finished cleaning - or when the old body gave out..... i was to put the clover clamps on my pussy lips for 20 minutes and masturbate and cum as many times as i could. Then i was to text message Him and report how many times i had cum.

i read it and thought yeahhhh right !! like i have time for that!!! never mind that i didn't feel the least bit like masturbating..........

Funny thing was...... the whole time i was cleaning the bathrooms... and moping the floors.. and washing the hallway....... and icing the pan of squares..... all i could really think about was clover clamps and vibrators.

In one short email Sir managed to refocus my mind and my energies........ there really is more to life than work .. dotting i's and crossing t's... baking and planning.. traffic jams and house work.

The bathrooms probably aren't as clean as they could be.. i may have missed a dust bunny or two while moping the floors........ but i did find the clover clamps... and i did manage 2 orgasms with clover clamps (i HATE clamps - when i am masturbating!!) And life for a very brief time looked a whole lot rosier....... thanks to one small task email.........

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