Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mini Rant

well ya know that things must be pretty damn boring around here when i post a post on politics !!!

Though i am not sure i should use the word "boring"..... dead might be better..

i am still sick with the mystery bug.... so sick in fact that Sir canceled the weekend - He didn't come over....... the munch and play party will go on without me.. even my grandson's second birthday will be held without me !!

i cried when Sir said He wasn't coming...... cried from disappointment and relief.. i am not so stupid to think that this old body is up to anything more than resting on the couch .... BUT .. i am so tired of being "poorly" (as my grandmother used to say) i want to play.. and play and play some more.. i want bruises and welts .. i want to serve Sir on my knees..

i want i want i want........

The reality is........ i can barely make a bowl of soup for myself.. and i have just enough energy to drag myself to the bathroom and back to the couch..........

i am currently avoiding all mirrors as i haven't done my hair or even washed my face - there just isn't enough energy in this body for that kind of activity.

i am SO bored i even went on Fet life and read some of the posts and managed to fire off a couple of responses to posts........ and i thought while i am upright on the net.. i should leave some sort of "message in a bottle" on my own blog.......... right??

so here it is...........

if i don't die from this mystery bug....... maybe life will return to some sort of normalcy next week??

god i hope so........... cause right now i feel like a fairy with her wings clipped.....


  1. I know if I dropped by with a Tim Horton's French Vanilla coffee you would do an unsubbie thing since you are hiding from the mirrors...

    If I am wrong ( and I am never wrong, since I am a Sir ) then let Me know and sometime over this weekend I will drop in with one..

    Now off to do family duties.

    Owner of an ill subbie

  2. I sure wish you a speedy recovery. All the whining, bitching and moaning is wearing on my last nerve.

  3. Do you want th ephone number for the Chinese Doctor you know he is very anal and will get things flowing in your life fast.

  4. I DO hope you are feeling better soon. There is no substitute for resting and drinking hot fluids...and time.


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