Friday, September 02, 2016

Positive Re-enforcement

I had a little chat with his wife recently -- and I mentioned that I had put on 4 ounces.  I was stressing as only I can.  A couple of days later Hands brought it up with me -- quietly, no lecture just quiet words of encouragement.  I promised him I would try very hard not to stress over it -- and that I would work really hard not to spiral out of control -- after all -- I realized "part of my job as a submissive is to keep myself healthy for him" and I told him that.

I didn't think much more about the chat....... but I did keep eating my 3 meals a day -- and not over exercising (too much) 

Yesterday when Hands and I were chatting he just said in passing "I am proud of the way you handled the 4 ounces".  Just like that -- no fuss -- just - I'm proud of you.  And I realized how often I hear those words.  It's amazing how good those words make me feel..... and how much easier it is to do the things Hands wants me to -- or just to do the things I know I should do....... because he  quietly notices and re-enforces my positive behaviour/attitude.  He makes me feel valued and respected and more importantly he makes me feel "seen" .........


Hermione said...

Hi Morningstar,

How did you manage to find you you gained four ounces? My scale only does pounds. Do you weigh yourself on a kitchen scale? That's the equivalent of a half cup of water. You could lose that weight with just one pee or poop.


morningstar said...


My scales weigh in pounds and ounces ..... and I weigh myself every morning -- and yeah I know it is obsessive -- I am working on this obsessive attitude towards weight -- but it isn't as easy as it sounds :)

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