Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ten Days In - a Report

So I have been here for 10 days (plus one or two more) living 24/7 and I figured some of you might be interested to know how it is going.  (Especially all the nay sayers who didn't believe it could be done - OR - probably more the case - that *I* couldn't do it)

It has been a bit of a whirlwind 10 days.  Last week we had 3 munches - yup THREE! - to attend.  And I had suitcases to unpack and stuff to try and get organised, and I had a couple of contractors coming in to give me quotes on gardens and decks.  Oh yeah and I had to get all the paper work done to change my status from "Quebecer" to "Ontarian" which involves health cards and license plates and drivers licenses and a whole bloody lot of paper work.   AND yes I nearly forgot - my dear lil car needed a safety check for the license - and I was so sure there was something majorly wrong with squeaked and thunked and I thought maybe the brakes needed doing (it passed the safety and maintenance check with absolutely no problems - the squeaks and thunks are just the signs of an aging car - I guess like the squeaks and thunks of my aging body)

Well the suitcases are all unpacked.  There was no room - none whatsoever - for my winter clothes so W bought those vacuum bags you see on television - where you place all your extra whatevers into the bag seal it... then vacuum all the air out - which shrinks it down to the thickness of a piece of a paper (almost).  What they don't tell you is that once sucked to death - this massive plastic bag does not now bend - AND - it weighs a ton!!  So all my winter clothes are now stored under the daybed in my quiet room - along with baskets of my craft stuff.  (le sigh) 

I still have a box of shoes and purses sitting in the official guest room - and I haven't a clue where I am gonna store them (more than once the thought has crossed my mind to "store" them in the garbage bin and just get rid of the problem.  

I have also discovered that I am "missing" a number of things.......... like nail polish and my extra set of keys to the car and my retirement paper work (which truthfully is stressing me out just a tad - if my pension cheque gets deposited in my bank account next week I might breathe a bit easier - but for now ............. not so much)

Also I had had this notion that my pc would be set up (somehow) beside W's pc in his "office" and thought perhaps that the filing cabinet could be set up down there too.  The bottom drawer was emptied so that W could do his filing in there.............. but alas that hasn't happened, as truthfully there is no room in W's office for my big pc or the filing cabinet.  The pc remains in the box it was packed and shipped in - and the filing cabinet is sitting in my quiet room at the end of the daybed.  I have to admit I do miss access to my pc - and a desk to sit at to work.  I tend to drag my lil notebook around the house - and usually sit in the dining room in the early morning hours to answer emails, write the blog, and do whatever it is I do on the internet.  

These "inconveniences" (cause truthfully that is all they are) will sort themselves out in time I am sure.  I need to drag all the boxes out of the crawl space (under the front half of the house) and sort through mine at least - and try and get them organized so that I feel I know where things are - and geeeez who knows I might just find my retirement papers - my nail polish and extra keys buried in one of them.

I have been doing all the good submissively things too - like doing laundry and making the meals (though W does make his own breakfast cause truthfully I am not a very nice person before my second cup of coffee!)  and I gave the house a good cleaning.  We have managed two play sessions and one good fuck (ok well not a great fuck - but it was a good one - and took the edge off - I need to find my rhythm I think)

And I still have moments where I fill up with tears and rush over to W for a hug or a snuggle and whimper to him how happy I am - that it's all so much better than I EVER imagined.  

Cause it is !  

There are adjustments - and we all know I don't do too well with adjustments/change - 
but I have never been happier - or felt more loved - or more cared for - or more cherished.  

So there you have it the 10 day report.


Sir said...

I am very sorry I haven't moved as fast as you to get organized :-((

I will get to all your concerns ASAP so you feel less stressed in Kingston life!!!


saffy said...

smiles big... sounds as if it is all going wonderful, hugs
ps we are still sorting things out six years plus on lol..but it works :-) glad you are both happy

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