Thursday, July 04, 2013

Technology - pfffffffffft

One of the things I had to do here in Kingston Ontario - was get a new cell phone number.  Pretty simple to do and not too much bureaucracy.  

So yesterday morning - after dropping off my car for it's safety maintenance and repair check - W and I went to the local cell phone store to change my phone number.  I had already decided if it wasn't too expensive I would add unlimited text messaging.  Everyone here in Kingston text messages rather than phoning AND apparently it won't cost me anything to text message family in Quebec.  So add it I did.  Then my phone didn't work.  So they changed my SIM card.  The phone still didn't work.  Was karma trying to tell me something???

Finally the phone worked and we left the shop and went out for lunch with friends.  When we got home I decided to try out this texting thing and surprise my daughters with a text message from mom.  

Now you have to understand - I do NOT have a smart phone - I have a plain ordinary phone.  It doesn't go online - it doesn't take pictures or play games.  It is a phone.  So texting involves scrolling through umpteen letters/characters to type a message.  

Proudly I sent off my first text message "Here is my new cell # - AND - I added texting to my package" - hit send and sat back proudly imagining my daughter's surprise and delight.  In no time at all I got a text message back.  It said 

"Who is this??"

(le sigh) I think I will go back to email.  

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