Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Changes - edited

As much as I hate change - there are some changes that I welcome.... like changes in our lil home... making it ours!

Ordalie has asked to see some pictures of the new house - and as much as I am waiting for everything to be done - I thought a few shots of some of the changes might be in order.  

Over the last 10 days we have been busy working on the outside.  I have had appointments with contractors for a deck in the back yard - and (after digging out the front garden - and realizing I am not 20 anymore) contractors to put in some gardens in the backyard.

The garbage can is in the back yard on the left side of the house - and W has to drag it from there  to the right front side on garbage days.  And there was no pathway to drag this monster of a garbage can!!  let me tell you - in winter it was a "bitch" of a job.  So W has been in discussions with contractors to put in a new sidewalk on the opposite of the house.  That job was completed this week.  AND I have to say I love the new sidewalk - it seems to balance out the front of the house better.

Here's a shot of the new walkway..........

Now the front garden has been my project.  For some strange reason - the folks who lived here before us - filled the garden with all manner of plants.  No logic to their placing - there were tall ones in the front - spreading and taking over - and pretty small ones in the back.  There was a wild rose bush that was out to attack any unsuspecting arm that came near it...And to make matters worse - they had covered all exposed earth with large rocks.  Maybe it was an attempt to create a rock garden?? I am really not sure - but it was ugly.  

It took me two days to dig all the rocks out and to transplant all the plants and one bush.  The wild rose bush was dug up and put in the compost heap..nasty thing it was!! A garden flag was added and I felt better about the appearance of the front garden!  Hopefully by next year the transplanted plants will fill up and out and the whole thing will be a mass of colour.

Then - when we bought this place - there was a tent on the front porch - fancy name was Gazebo - but it was a TENT!!  It served a purpose all winter - keeping the snow off various bits and pieces that hadn't found room in the house........... but the winter snows and winds wrecked havoc with it and come spring the frame had collapsed......... so down it came.  

I have to admit I didn't shed one tear - the tent blocked the light from the dining room window and made the inside of the house so dark all the time.  Now we just have a nice deck - with a red umbrella (not in the picture). And W got to install his flag pole.  He has always wanted to fly a flag outside his home....and now his wish has come true.  (It might be noted here that one of my tasks is to make sure the flag is put out first thing in the morning and is brought in last thing at night) 



Finally - I have added some stepping stones from the front deck around to what will be the back garden.

And that is about it for the changes I am ready to share ..............


This morning I was filling the "trough" that was left on each side of the new sidewalk and W went off to get me more earth.  When he got back he showed me a picture he had taken of a garden statue......... I was in love and had to have it!!  So before lunch I ran to the local garden center to get more earth (who knew the damn trough was gonna eat up so much earth!!) and while I was there I snuck a peak at the statue.  It was perfect and I knew exactly where it would go......... at the top of the stairs to the front door to greet folks......... 

Here is the picture of the new "greeter"

don't tell me you were surprised by Confucius??!!  The oriental feel/theme of the house will be carried from the inside to the outside :)     


abby said...

Looks great...perfect for the two of you!
hugs abby

little monkey said...

It's adorable. I can't wait to see the backyard when it's done.

Ordalie said...

Wow, how nice and tidy now! You really have been busy! I do admire your energy. Getting rid of the tent must have been rather unwieldy.
It seems you share the American habit of having a garden flag. I've always found that very endearing. Here we see French flags on gendarmeries all year long and on town halls only on National Day. A shame, really.

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