Tuesday, July 02, 2013

And so it begins.............

Before I left Montreal to move to Kingston and to W............ I had coffee with drakor - our coffee klutch buddy and very good friend.  He asked me what life would be like in Kingston......... would I be collared again?? Would I even try to be submissive again?? OR would we just be vanilla?

Those words stayed with me - and in some ways made my blood boil.  If W and I learned nothing from our last attempt at slave/Master life - we learned that the way WE do D/s has to be based on reality - not some fictional idea of what it would be like - and not based on the fiction we read on line - or in books.

So the three hour drive up on Saturday was almost a cleansing - leaving the past behind - past mistakes - and clearing the way for our own brand of D/s.

When I  finally arrived in Kingston and when W finally arrived home (don't ask - that was a mess of crossed wires!!!)  He greeted me with a gift box.  Inside it was my chain mail collar from before with an added BDSM logo charm hanging from it.  On the back is engraved "belongs to Sir" and I smiled and teared up - BUT - as tempting as it was - I asked if I could wear the handcuff collar for now.  And in 3 months or less we can discuss a more formal collaring.

And then life began - I unpacked and put away all the "crap" I had brought with me from Montreal - I "vacuum packed" all my winter clothes (there just isn't enough closet space!!)  We went shopping for light fixtures for the dining room and the front door - we bought patio/stepping stones for the start of the work in the back yard - we bought food (real food) that I can cook - we looked into butchers  -  We watched tv together (I am gonna be disappearing upstairs to my quiet room very soon - I can only take so many reality shows - cheeky grin) we even went off yesterday and celebrated Canada Day (in English Canada) with our maple leaf flags flying proudly!!

Oh yeah - before I forget - amidst all that normal every day boring stuff - I did get my first paddling in a long long while.............. 

So life has begun here in Kingston - W and I are working on our very own brand of 24/7 .......... and everything is very good!

(Oh I am not sure I am gonna write a whole lot about our D/s - not gonna leave some "how to " manual for those that come after..............just gonna say - you need to find the magic recipe that works for YOU)

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saffy said...

Hugs... this post made my heart feel good. I am so glad you are finally back where you feel happy. MK and i settled back down to our own 24/7 in what seems like ages ago from our blip and have never looked back. i no longer take any notice of well wishing stirers or family that do not understand the dyanamics.
We both hope you are real happy together xxx

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