Monday, April 23, 2012


This past Saturday W and I went to a play party.  The one where - in the past - we have had problems with the crowds - open sexual play - and downright rudeness.  To say I was feeling a little anxious about the event is an understatement.   But W laced me into my black leather corset and off we went.

When we arrived it was like something clicked and I relaxed and felt truly comfortable.  We walked around and visited with friends - and spent a lot of time noticing the changes Maitre had made to the space.  

Usually I am anxious to play - anxious?? no more like chomping at the bit - and the last few times I have been so worried about the crowds and their behaviours that I have been stressing rather than enjoying... 

So I was surprised when W came to me and said it was time (I just hadn't noticed the passage of time )....... we moved to our favourite ladder-like equipment and got started........... almost immediately I noticed something felt very different - yet very very right!!  It was during the warm up (or what W likes to call a warm up - cheeky grin) the hits felt rounded - soft edged - not biting... it's really hard to explain..... but suffice it to say - it felt wonderful !!!!

I don't even remember what toys W used - well except for the whips - I do love the whips.... oh yeah and the rabbit glove with the claws...... I always picture folks watching and wondering why I am dancing the subbie dance when all they see is a nice soft furry glove running over my body....... and of course the Gorean whip....... the cracks as it hits my ass thunder through the space - and heads turn........ 

After I found my legs again W and I visited with old friends and actually met a couple from Detroit.  

Just to show you how different the evening was for me.. around midnight instead of asking W if we could go home.. I was asking if we could play again!!!  There is a section that is framed by some rope ladders - creating what I call a "tent" ... it just feels safe and snuggly .. inside the framing is a massage table.  It is a rather popular piece of equipment and space (probably cause it's not as easy for folks to interrupt) but lucky us - at midnight on Saturday it was free.  So W and I moved in and had another fun session. 

Then it was truthfully time to head home.. my head was out there with my fairies dancing in the clouds........ 


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Anonymous said...

Could it be your earlier blogs helped bring about changes? Happy you and W got to play so 'nicely' together. Enjoy dancing with faries in the clouds.

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