Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How things change !!

Once upon a time I made W a flogger - a rope flogger.  It was nice but was missing something.... (like enough bang for the buck)

so I added a knot to each fall...... it still wasn't enough.. so I added a couple more knots to each fall............

that more than worked...( AND me when I say - those knots raised more than a few eyebrows at the next play party - and was the start of my 'reputation' for being a pain slut)  

This was the one toy we had that I considered 'tough'... it was the one toy that would / could and did move me to tears.  W would hit me hard enough that he actually would knock the knots right out of it... and I  would (like the good masochist I was growing up to be) re-knot the falls.

Yesterday W brought the rope flogger with all the knots out of his bag .... it was going to be our warm up toy.  My heart fluttered - a warm up toy??? oh W knows me so well ... that knotted rope flogger that used to bring me to my knees is now a warm up toy... a sensuous toy - it feels wonderful!!! 

Our "tough" toys are now whips and leather straps and canes ....... and after a very nice warm up with the knots ....... the other toys stepped in and brought me to my knees - and left me dancing with my fairies.

I am almost a full grown masochist .......... 


Anonymous said... words come to mind other than "ouch"!


SweetPea said...

Wow those are really pretty and creative! Very nice.

Serafina Samadhi said...

We have thought about creating our own flogger, but we are trying a fair number, all of which I like. I am not such a mature masochist as you are, though.

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