Sunday, November 21, 2010


All my troubles seemed so far away .............

Today not so much.

Yesterday was like a normal day. I was so energized I almost forgot my problems. I was out of the house by 8 a.m. to get my snow tires put on.... (in a snow squall I might add) Then I headed off to THE toy store to buy a birthday present for the grandbaby who turns one this week .... and while I was there I bought all the other kids their Christmas presents.
Then on to Chapters where I didn't find what I was looking for......but I did find a wonderful book I have been thinking of buying for the grandkids "The Christmas Elf" - I hope to start a new Christmas tradition in our family.

Then I hopped over to another mall and bought 2 more Christmas presents... some Christmas decorations... and vroom I was off again to yet another mall where I got some money.... bought a birthday card for the soon to be birthday boy, bought some other odds and ends... and headed off to a restaurant for lunch.

I had chicken - with no spices - on pita - with lettuce and a touch .. just a touch ... of mild garlic sauce. and home I came to enjoy my feast. It was the best meal I have had in almost a month. AND I didn't have any pain and just a couple of twinges. YAY!!

Then I had a rest - I was pooped. But the rest was only an hour.. and then I did two loads of laundry .. found the outside Christmas decorations and even got them up.

Now THAT is more like a normal day for me.

Today however........ not so good.

My legs feel like rubber - every small thing I have to do feels like a major chore. I am sitting here snuggled under my blanket - in my pjs - with one of the cats playing nurse maid beside me.

In less than two hours I have to washed and dressed and in a party mood cause today is the BIG first bithday birthday party........... and granny HAS to be there.

Thankfully Warren is coming to pick me up.. and hopefully I can just settle into a big comfy chair at daughter's house and smile and nod at all the festivities. Hell I can't even have "coffee and cake" - our usual menu for family birthdays!!

BUT this isn't a pity party or a negative posting... I am having really good days.. and am even thinking in terms of Christmas celebrations..... the good days make the bad days seem not so bad .......... and I know very soon (hopefully) life will return to normal !!


Sue said...

I am glad for your good days, and I hope that the bad days will very soon be just memories...

Here's to the birthday boy!


abby said...

Good days are always a cause to celebrate! Hope you have many more. I bought the 'Elf on the Shelf' for my 2 granddaughters this year also!

Dinora said...

By the time you read this you'll be all partied out and I hope you had a wonderful time.

Have you considered that the reason why you didn't have any energy 'today' was because you did so much the previous day? When sick it can be so easy to do - you get behind with things have one good day and feel you need to catch up with it all at once.

Please don't exhaust yourself just to get to Christmas.


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