Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

It's early Sunday morning....... and I have been flipping between angst and energy driven desire.

When I went looking for a picture of "sunday morning" I came across the above picture........ which made me think of a back and forth email exchange with Warren last evening. We were discussing the two munches coming up next Friday. He wanted to know which one I was going to.

My smart assed answer was which one are you going to??? (or something like that) From that it went to my teasing him he was stalking me.. but that it would be easy to find me....... cause one munch is wayyyyy downtown in a section of town that has little if any parking.... and the other one is right down the street with gobs of parking.

I said I would have to make the challenge a little more difficult (challenge of finding me ) cause I wouldn't want him thinking I was "easy". So.. "I'm easy like Sunday morning" seemed appropriate.

On Friday I had this image in my head........ of a clean house. I don't mean just clean.. I mean sparkling clean. So I worked my butt off yesterday..... tackling the main level. I washed windows, emptied the fireplace and polished it till it sparkles... I shampooed the sofa, washed the floors, dusted the walls and ceilings, and polished all the furniture.

My plan was to tackle the upstairs on Sunday. Polish and wash and shine and file. My plan was to have this house sparkling and ready for ....... well for whatever comes. My surgery is playing on my mind a lot these days. I have an appointment to see the surgeon on Dec. 1st. Christmas is just 24 days after that appointment. I am doing a whole lot of "what if's" and wanting to have all sorts of plans and counter-plans in place - just in case ........ and trust me when I say at 3 in the morning there are a whole mess of "just in cases".


I have been up for 2 hours sitting in my office surveying the mess and the filing and the dust webs, and the hair balls (gotta love long hair cats) ... picturing the mess of clothes that need to be sorted through - winter out - summer packed away - furniture that needs oiling - floors that need to be washed........ and the list goes on and on.............

But it feels more like an "easy like Sunday morning" morning.........

Maybe after my second cup of coffee the energy will return and the house will get finished......... and the plans will be on track .............

And maybe while I am cleaning I will come up with an excellent plan for the munches next Friday - so I don't land up being too easy!


  1. you easy?? NEVER, cute maybe but never easy :-))

    I can hardly wait to see this munch plane :-))


  2. Enjoy your easy sunday have earned it! Only one day of cleaning per weekend is allowed! Glad to see you are feeling better! abby

  3. I'm attempting the same "thorough" cleaning binge today- so far 2 out of 9 rooms are done. I'm stalling and just not feeling it :(


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