Monday, November 29, 2010


It is no secret I have an account on FetLife - who doesn't these days. It is no secret I rarely if ever enter into any discussions there. It is no secret that I use Fetlife mostly to find out what events are happening when and to politely rsvp.

My profile on Fetlife now reads:

"For those of you interested.. I am "disappearing" for a little while from the lifestyle - until my health issues are resolved.

Play fair.. play nice.."

seems fairly straight forward to me .. isn't it??

Well........... today I received an email from some dom (and I use the term loosely) that said "are you owned" Nothing else .. no howdy do.. pleased to meet you.. kiss my ass.. just "are you owned".

Being the cheeky sub that I am.. with little or no patience for "players" I answered back "No are you?"

Would you believe I got an answer back almost immediately that went on and on ad nauseum about how he was looking for the "right one" the one who would worship and adore him (that last bit were my words)

Now in my humble cheeky sub opinion - IF he was really dom - my answer should have angered him slightly... should have gotten some sort of rise out of him.. not some pleading spineless answer that I received. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! I can not tolerate fools.

So I wrote back and suggested that he do two things before he sends out mass mailings to anything claiming to be submissive : 1) check where they live (as he is in Texas and ...... well we all know I am in the Great White North) and 2) that he read profiles.

Truthfully I couldn't have been more blunt and to the point........ verging on being rude to be honest.

This 'dominant' from Texas earns my "dunce cap" award.


  1. Well (he said tongue in cheek) I think you will find that dunce caps are spanko apparel and only worn, with pride I might add, by spankees :)


  2. I sympathize ... I get the same but the reverse, if you know what I mean ... and I'm in bloody Australia. Even if I did want a new sub (and my Fet profile clearly says I don't) what are they going to do? Immigrate?

    *sigh* Dunce, indeed


  3. Depends which part of their body they are using to think with I guess...
    Hidden Slave

  4. Ordalie12:47 pm

    I just loved your cheeky answer!

  5. I had named them "Begging doms?" years ago after Mike had died and I thought I was looking for someone. To me, they are both funny and pathetic.

    "please may i beat you? please? please let me tell you what to do? please?"


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