Sunday, November 28, 2010

On being an Expert

Thursday and Friday were "convention" days here in the Great White North. Teacher's convention that is.

I used to love convention.......not so much recently. We get to sit and listen to "experts" talk to us about any number of subjects. Mostly our union brings in inspirational speakers - with the hope we will get all inspired and leave feeling we can conquer the world !!

Friday wasn't much different. The expert they brought in was some judge from Canadian Idol. wow I was feeling impressed and inspired right from the start. (said tongue in cheek - in case you don't realize it)

The one thing he said - through the entire 1+ hour he talked .. was that it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert on anything. 10,000 hours !!! Wow I was speechless. 10,000 hours !!!

I did some math (I hate math!! but it comes in helpful from time to time when I am debating an issue in my head)

10,000 hours equals 417 days. 417 days equals 1.42 years. Not so many. ahh but then one doesn't work on something for 24 hours a day....... so back to the math board. Let's say you work on something for 8 hours a day. That would equal 1250 days or 3.42 years.

So to be an "expert" with a flogger or a whip or knives or electrical units you must be "practicing" for 8 hours a day for 3.42 years. BUT if we are talking about BDSM it isn't very likely - what with all the other aspects of life that are involved in our lives that one could call themselves an expert after only 3.42 years.

And then I decided to define who/what is an expert in my mind. And I looked up how many years it takes to earn a PHD ....... know how many ? on average??? 8 years according to google (and if you can believe google) My sister in law will earn her PHD in 5+ years ...

I am not entirely sure what I have proven - or not proven for that matter - with this small math lesson. I originally thought it would give me support for my belief that there are way too many "experts" sprouting up in the BDSM lifestyle. Perhaps there really are so many "experts" .... if they spend 10,000 hours practicing their specific kink.

So perhaps I will eat crow.....


perhaps I will continue to be a little skeptical of all the "experts" that show up and disappear just as quickly, cause I never much liked math. Prefer my gut reaction ..... my instincts.

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  1. Ordalie12:42 pm

    Experts! I know them! Those who in the comfort of their secluded offices have the nerve to come into your classroom and tell you how to deal with unsufferable children, even though they haven't seen one in ages!


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