Monday, November 22, 2010

His Day

I can not believe that one year ago I got the long awaited phone call at 5 in the morning that my 3rd grandbaby was on the way.

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday ..,, and the lil guy got his own birthday cupcake .. all to himself!!! Best present he got I think.......

I have never seen any cake disappear so fast !!! I think he was worried someone would figure out he had it and take it away ........

Happy Birthday lil guy !!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday, little one, and thank you, Morningstar, for the smile on my face today. Two delightful pictures telling the story of countless memories of my own two sons who are all grown up now (though no less delightful).

    Ana x

  2. How quickly the year has gone! And what a beautiful little boy... Happy birthday, kiddo!

    hugs, Sue

  3. OMIGOSH! A year already?
    WOW .....

    He's adorable!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Happy Birthday and many more

  5. Anonymous7:37 am

    cute fellow


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