Saturday, November 20, 2010

how to.......

First I have to thank you all for your patience with some of my weirder than usual posts (they have now disappeared). They were my hints to Warren re the munch last night.

He figured it out.. picked me up and we went and had some good fun with new and old friends. It was a mixed group - swingers and BDSMers .... sometimes mixing up the people you meet can be a good thing.. even enlightening.

But today I was thinking.. Warren and I are back to being good friends.. and we seem stalled there. Sorta like my weight loss (till the gall bladder mess anyway) I hit a plateau and didn't know how to kick start it again.

Friends is good - very good - don't get me wrong. But I wonder where we go from here.... I feel like I am teetering on the edge and don't know how to step forward.
Or if Warren even wants to step forward.

I guess once I am 100% and back on my feet - we will find a way to question what now.. and how to get there...

But for now I wish it was as easy as taking that one step forward.


  1. Great minds are thinking alike....


  2. Relax and enjoy friends

    Friends are rare and hard to cultivate.

    If it is meant to move forward.. it will.

  3. Ditto to what nancy said. abby

  4. **clapping my hands and smiling sooo big!**


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