Monday, December 21, 2009

Holier than thou

This is most definitely a grump................ a rant.... a release.............

i have this "thing" about goodie two shoes......... you know what i mean - the ones who wouldn't say shit if they stepped in it... who have this "holier than thou" attitude......... who have put themselves so high up on the pedestal of life that we mere mortals can barely see them....... never mind converse with them.

They are the world's best slave........ best at everything....... on line. Take it to real life and oh my god !!! They can't do this because well it might break a nail........or they can't do that because .. well.. ya know .. they had a rough life and it scares them......... and they most certainly can't do THAT because wellllllllll it just isn't right.

Or the ones who are so timid they are scared of their shadow............ run from any suggestion of something difficult.............. BUT oh they are quick to criticize if they see someone else doing something that doesn't fit into their mold of what's right or not!!

BAH HUMBUG on the lot of them !!!

i am sick to death of being held up to inspection by newbies and wannabes.......

i am sick to death of being accused of "topping from the bottom" (though the wonderfully good lil slaves call it dominanting)

i am sick of being tsked tsked and of my Sir being tsked tsked (though i am sure He doesn't see it that way!) by well meaning .. stick your nose into everything - types.

And so i will say it again........... for the umpteenth time !!!

Sir and i are who we are !! We are Sir and sub. We may not do it your way (god forbid) but we do IT ! day and night 24/7 ..... together or not together.

i do not play poor me ever !! i do not imply at every turn that i deserve a punishment in that cutsey lil girl voice that decalcifies one's spine at 30 paces .......... i do not brag about how many punishments i have coming - cause you see - i have this strange habit of wanting to please....... and so i don't earn punishments....... i earn rewards !!

i am real....... stick a knife in me i bleed..... say cruel hurtful things i bleed....... and one other funny thing about me... when you do that to me....... i don't wanna be your friend.......... geeeeee i wonder why !!

putting my soap box away for now............ i feel so much better !!!

Yeah... in every way........ the bug has retreated to no voice - a cough and runny nose.. but i am up and even managed to get to work today. The kiddies love that i have very little voice........ gonna be a wild run for the next day and a half.....

The gifts are wrapped....... the baking done........ the fire is laid out in the fireplace.... and i can coast (nah nah to all you last minute procrastinators) to Christmas with a smile on my face and a Christmas carol on my lips..........


kaya said...

Ha. Im going to be shopping late on the 24th, I just know it. And your "neener neener" will be ringing in my ears as I do it!

As for the holier than thou types? Meh. Take 'em off your Christmas card list. That's what I do. *nods*

ps. Merry Christmas to you, too! :)

K said...

Glad to see your feeling better. And screw the goodie two shoes know who you are and you know what works for you and your Sir!

-a now former lurker :)

BlazngScarlet said...

You owe an explanation to yourself and to your Sir ONLY.
The rest can suck it.
Those who "get it" know who you are and love you just the way you are.

You and your Sir can only be who/what you are. Anybody else's opinions mean nothing.
This is Ya'lls life .... not ours.

Just MY 2cents worth.

Hope you're feeling better!

Buffalo said...

morningstar with a "little" voice.

Be still my heart!

Anonymous said...

Ohh wonderful post!! I posted a couple days ago on punishment also, basically what you said, we don't want punished we want to please!

and get better seems like you been sick alot this year are you doing any supplements?? vitamins?

have a great holiday!


swan said...

There are pretenders and wannabes all over the net. The good news is that it lets us all connect. The bad news is that it lets people who wouldn't know their butt from a hole in the ground believe that they are somehow "experts." Blech!

Pay no attention to those who think they know what is best for you -- or what you ought to be doing. They have no standing to be judging or advising.

Your life works. You know it, and Your Sir knows it. The occasional popup critter is no more significant than an occasional rainy day. Try to let them fade off into the mists.

hugs, swan

viemoira said...

Glad you're feeling better and amen for the gripes you wrote about!

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