Friday, December 11, 2009


Christmas - i think we can all agree - is a time of magic for the lil ones. Dreams can come true at Christmas (ok ok........ for you Scrooges out there ......not always .. but it is a time of dreams )

My father - despite his hardness - became a very different person at Christmas. It was magical to me (even now when i think about it) to watch the change from this strict Victorian style man to this gentle childlike adult who believed in the magic of Christmas and did much to create the magic.

His edges softened and rounded.... his smile was brighter, he laughed more, and hugged more.

There are so many Christmas memories of my dad..... from the man who crawled into my bed one frosty Christmas Eve when i was just too excited to sleep .... who told me stories in a soft gentle voice to lull me to sleep......... the man who allowed our dog to climb up on his lap... cause she was frightened of this monster tree that had taken up residence in HER living room....He would welcome people into his home in gracious way not as evident at other times of the year...... He would leave gifts for the less fortunate and tell no one about it (it was only at his funeral that we learned of some of his "good deeds")

And he was the grandpa who spent months upon months creating a doll house from scratch for his granddaughters ...... complete with working lights and a wreath on the front door, and a magical fireplace and a lit Christmas tree in the living room.

He was the grandpa who laid under the Christmas tree with my eldest - while i was making dinner one Christmas eve....... and told her stories about the Christmas fairies that danced in the tree... and they both spent ages under the tree watching the fairies dance and play in and around the ornaments.

He was also the same grandpa who one year .. many years later... built a HUGE fire in the fireplace on Christmas eve......... and when the girls asked him if he was going to put it out before he went to bed..... replied.........."No I am going to add more wood and make a roaring fire!! Gonna burn Santa's bum when he tries to slide down my chimney !!" (He thought he was being funny...... i spent more than a few hours calming two very excited/worried little girls)

My shopping is done......... but yesterday with my dad close to my heart ....... i made one more purchase....... i bought a silver key.... a massive big heavy silver Santa key...... i will give it to our 3 grandsons on Christmas eve........... there is a poem that goes with it, that explains if you don't have a fireplace hang the key near the front door and Santa will be able to come in...........

On Saturday when Sir and i are decorating / baking / entertaining our 2 eldest grandsons, we will make magic reindeer food (a combination of dry oatmeal and glitter) and they will take it home........ and on Christmas Eve they will spread it on the front lawn to guide Santa's reindeer to their house........ reindeers LOVE magic reindeer food don't you know??!!!

Spread a little Christmas magic around........ it's amazing it warms the cold dark corners of the heart...........


  1. Thank you! Reading your posts has really helped me find my long lost (if ever before) Christmas spirit! :)

  2. Wow! Thanks that was so Christmasy. The DIY part reminded me of my dad, a bit. He was always putting the last finishing touches to a castle or a dolls house that he had built, usually sometime just before midnight, on Christmas Eve. It is the memories that make all the Christmas hassle worth while :)



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