Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Life in general

On the second day of Christmas
i posted 2 white candles .. one red ball...

(ok honestly this could get to be a bit much....... gonna rethink it)

Well the snow is gone...... and has been replaced with mild weather ......... and RAIN........ this doesn't feel one little bit like Christmas!!

i realized why it is i get so damn exhausted during the Christmas season.... i don't just do Christmas at home.. but i DO Christmas at school too!! My kiddies are busy making wooden clogs to hang for St. Nicholas day......(and yes i have the chocolate and candy canes to put in them) ... i have explained how the children in other countries celebrate differently than we do... encouraged some of our international students to share their customs with us.......

Meanwhile - i have been coming up with easy (cheap) crafts for them to do for the entire 15 school days........... been shopping for decorations (cause they never celebrated anything as far as i can tell in past years) ........ trying to find small inexpensive gifts for each of them...... oh yeah.. and trying to accomodate my kiddies who don't DO Christmas .. and because of religious reasons can't participate in any of our activities. Life is so challenging........... and fun

Over the weekend i noticed that the lock on my front door was "sticking" ........ and i worried i would break my key in the lock. Yesterday when i got home... the key opened the door - with difficulty - and then when i tried to lock it behind me.. the lock wouldn't move at all. OH LORD.......... what to do now??? i immediately called the locksmith........ and then barricaded the front door...... and turned my alarm on. So i am sitting here writing a post when i really should be at school. Fortunately the locksmith is supposed to show up this morning and fix it!! It isn't Christmas without some glitch in the works - is it??

i do have 4 loaves of Christmas cinnamon bread i want to make as gifts for some of the staff who have gone above and beyond to support me.. and welcome me to my new school....... and of course if i am making my cinnamon bread...... Sir is gonna expect at least a loaf or two for Him. i am thinking i might try getting one loaf made this morning.......thank god for freezers!!

One last bit of nothing......... there is a new Christmas addition to the template.. can you spot it?? (it's not very hard...... again!! And Spankedhortic got it right yesterday....... it was the Christmas Countdown Clock - which if anyone is very observant - has been changed slightly today)


  1. CHRISTMAS TREE RHS of the screen that is the NEW widget on your blog!

  2. Dae beat me to it, well done :)


  3. it's lovely...and you're amazing ... working with the kids who CAN celebrate, those who CAN'T celebrate and those who WON'T LOL

  4. i commend you for the difficulties in trying to accomodate the kids different religions/ethnic backgrounds!


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