Thursday, December 17, 2009

Piles and Piles.......

i have been trying - these last couple of days - to get some wrapping done. Sir and i have been shopping for months (well it feels like months!!) and all the gifts got stored in the guest room/library/gift storage room.

Now they are all in my office............ and indeed they look a bit like the picture i posted above........... honestly i do not remember buying that many gifts... but then there are daughters and daughters' husbands and grandbabies and dogs and staff..

i should be content that the shopping is done.. and the wrapping is underway........ but i am not.

There is one gift missing.

Sir's gift.

i can hear you all asking WHY??

Because i had this perfect idea........... this amazing idea....... this absolutely the best gift ever idea. It meant i had to order from a company in the states (ya all know i am not going to say what company - EVER! and i am not gonna say what i ordered - cause for now hope springs eternal)

Ok ok let me explain. i placed the order back in November...... NOVEMBER!! and it was shipped in November..... NOVEMBER!!!

But it never arrived.

i wrote and told them this. They said be patient - it is Christmas and perhaps the mail is slow.

i waited another two weeks. It didn't arrive. So i wrote them again. They agreed (after many emails - and much foot stamping on my part) to reship. This time i told them to ship it with tracking AND a signature required (who ships anything these days without that??!!) i would pay the added expense.

So they shipped it..... again. AND to their credit (it IS Christmas and i AM trying to be charitable) they sent me pictures of the tracking paper....... the box addressed.... and the gift.

i opened the first picture to see the wrapped box.......... i opened the second picture of the tracking paper ......... and then i noticed it........ they had reversed the numbers in my address !!! (can i say dyslexic??) i emailed them immediately!! They told me to go find the house with the reversed numbers and ask them to watch for my package.

Now i am not the sort of person who goes up to a complete stranger's house and ring the bell and ask them to watch for MY parcel.

i stewed..

i stressed...

i even shed a tear or two........

Then i told Sir.......... well i didn't tell Him important details like the name of the company or what i had ordered.. but i did tell Him about the mix up......... and like always He had a BRILLIANT idea...... write a note explaining the problem .. put my phone number in it and pop it in their mail box.

So today........ with temperatures at - 29 degrees (that's Celsius) i walked around the neighbourhood trying to find the address - cause dontcha know google maps had it all mixed up !! i finally found the house - believe it or not - a stone's throw away (the numbers here are all mixed up and don't seem to go in sequence!!)

Now i sit and wait....... and hope...............

If any of you out there in blog land believe in Christmas fairies and Christmas good will......... send out some positive energy will ya please?? Cause i really really want Sir's gift to arrive safe and sound !!

oh and i have added one picture .. this one's for Sir.........

and for those of you who actually pay attention.... yes i know the Christmas tree is gone...... apparently i could only use it for a certain number of days then they want me to upgrade to "premium" ..... yay right .. like that's gonna happen !! so no more sparkly Christmas tree...


  1. Hmmm ... you say the picture is for your Sir, but I think either the USPS or Canada Post is more appropriate for The Grinch! :D

    I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the Christmas fairies work their magic and delver your gift on time.

  2. Sending good wishes and positive thoughts and present tracking vibes northward as I type. Here's hoping all the goofs get rectified, and the universe gets it together and your Sir's gift arrives just on time.

    hugs, swan

  3. Your a mean one Mr. Grinch!

    I am clapping my hands in hope that we both get the packages we are hoping for ;)


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