Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tree Day

Well yesterday was the big ...long awaited... decorate the tree day at granny and Gramp's!!!

Now i am nothing if not organised and after 6 years of doing this even eldest grandson has come to expect a fun busy organised - not a minute free - day!!

The kids arrived at 11 ...... and Sir got busy putting the lights on the tree .. the kids were in the kitchen dropping Christmas capsules in water and watching them explode into Christmas .... umm.. icons??? trees/reindeers/santas and snowflakes all made out of sponges......

Finally the tree was ready and two over anxious kids got busy throwing on the decorations.. all the birds together.. all the musical instruments together... all the balls together - you get the picture.. even the angel at the top of the tree looked a bit drunk..... hanging off to one side.. holding on for dear life.. the christmas train was set up underneath..... and littlest grandson (nono not the baby - pig pen will probably always be the "littlest one" in my head and heart - had to figure out the on / off switch.... how the wheels fit on the tracks... and how it worked !!

The kids helped me make hamburgers for lunch.. after gulping it down.. "what's next granny??" rang through the halls.

We decorated gingerbread boys (with POUNDS of gumdrops).... watched a Christmas movie ... played in the snow ... and created imagination with wiki sticks...

We played till granny dropped !!!

setting up the train

lunch is served!!!

fun in the snow

Today the tree has been moved (cause i really didn't like it in THAT corner) and the decorations have been readjusted and the angel is finally sitting upright .. looking a whole lot less off balance.

For me it was truly a magical Christmas day !!!


  1. I love the first pic of your grandchildren and Sir around the tree!
    So heartwarming and cozy!

    By the way, is that feather garland?????

  2. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day. You are truly blessed.


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