Monday, December 07, 2009

Shopping and more shopping

On the 6th day of Christmas
i posted 6 Christmas bows.....
(yeah yeah i know i missed the 5th day - BITE ME !!)

But i am telling you ........ i had a really GOOD reason for not posting on the 5th day .. honest i did !!! and besides i only said i would TRY to post every day during advent........ not that i would actually succeed... and's all Sir's fault i didn't post yesterday (nodding) yup yup All His fault.

Ok.. going back to Saturday - i arrived at Sir's house by 9:15 am.. (yes in the morning !!) ready to start our cross border shopping trip. Thankfully all bad weather took a holiday and things were running really smoothly until we hit the border. Geeeeeeez.. everyone must have decided to do some cross border shopping on Saturday...... and the "crossing guards" must have all been sipping mulled wine....... cause it took an hour to get across.. (definitely the last cross border shopping trip for awhile!!)

We quite literally shopped till i dropped.......... got back in the car by 5;30 to head home........ no line ups at the small border crossing (note to Sir - no more using the BIG border crossing !!) We arrived home at Sir's place by 6:30 unloaded all His packages.. jumped back in the car to head to the condo .. unloaded the rest of the packages...... hoped back in the car and tore over to eldest daughter's house warming party...... arriving there just after 7:30 ........ (colour me exhausted and STARVING)

One would think after all those hours of cross border shopping our Christmas shopping would be finished....... but no it wasn't/ isn't. So Sunday morning we were up and out bright and early again......... and managed to almost .. ALMOST .. finish the list. Back home for a late lunch and ....... i was dearly hoping ... for a nice nap by a winter's fire.

But mid afternoon or so.........Sir decided to show me that i was so wrong on my post on Saturday about the whips. SO WRONG!! remember i said the vegan whip was amazing...... when Sir sort of moved it back and forth across my ass..

Well.. it turns out i was wrong.. i do NOT like the vegan whip going slowly back and forth across my ass. Sir had me over the dining room table and was flicking that damn whip back and forth across my ass.. and i wasn't breathing.. but i was yelping and dancing the subbie jig ........ oh my god it hurt !! i swore it was stripping the skin off my ass........... where did i get the damn idea (fantasy is more like it!!) that the vegan whip was my friend.. was my favourite toy on the toy wall?? someone wanna explain that one to me!!!

After Sir proved He was right (yet again !!) Then i was allowed to curl up by the winter's fire.. write some Christmas cards and i even managed to sneak in a little nap before making dinner.

And that is why ....... dear friends..... there was no 5th post yesterday !!

oh i almost forgot.......... BlazinScarlet found the seasonal BDSM symbol - yes it is a bit ambiguous - red roses with holly (well i call it holly and it's my blog!!) i have added yet another bit of Christmas today.


  1. Christmas Candles RHS Under the Blogs/Blog Roll Sites.
    Did I get it right?

  2. I did? Hmmm ... I thought Spankedhortic found it before me.
    I too think it's the candles for today.

    Um, you DID say the vegan whip was stingier than the circus whip.
    Are you very clear about it all now dear morningstar?!

    Careful what you wish for ......


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