Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My bags are packed....... i'm ready to go..

Anyone even know that song??? (shrug oh well it's just one more thing that shows my age)

My bags aren't packed - yet !! But they will be by early afternoon. i am off to Sir's for the next few days. Well that isn't exactly true either.... i am off to Sir's and then tomorrow we are off to the States to bring in the New Year with our American friends......... i am sorta excited about it.. and sorted stressed about it.

They have a beautiful home - a castle of sorts - at the top of a mountain. (seems to me all our American friends live out in the country on the top of mountains - which is great for privacy !!! BUT oh my god !! the narrow winding roads to the top are hair raising in the summer........... what are they going to be like in the winter??!!)

But we were invited to their "Spank in the New Year" party and ya all know we couldn't resist the invitation!! Spanking in the New Year sounds so much better - honestly - than counting down the seconds with the TV.. and the ball in Times Square!! And it sure beats past years where Sir and i hosted a BDSM Open House on New Year's day.......... which involved a whole mess of cooking and organising and preparations........ and a house full of people!! And days of cleaning up afterward....... and truthfully hardly a spank at all for poor lil me........... so yeah i am up for this party !!

Now i am wondering......... seeing as i have never been to a "Spank in the New Year" event.......... do we subbies get spanked for 10 seconds?? or do we get spanked 2010 times to celebrate the start of a new year?? OR is the challenge to squeeze in 2010 spanks in 10 seconds ?? (can i just skip that challenge??)

AND i will take a page out of our friend's party book............ from now on hold pot luck parties !! Don't try and feed the masses by yourself. i have enough leftovers from the holidays that i am taking a sweet tray and a hot crab dip. For you foodies out there....... no pictures i am sorry..... everything is packaged up for travel - not exactly picture taking qualities.

You all play nice now..........

See you all in the New Year !!


  1. I was singing the song as soon as I read your title. I love that song.

    I vote for 2010 spankings.

    You're welcome.


  2. Enjoy your trip and party. HAPPY NEW YEAR, have a great spanking.


  3. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Great song, but do you know who wrote it? John Denver of all people! Have a great trip.. The Prof


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