Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Day one

On the first day of Christmas
i posted one red ball!!
(hum 12 days of Christmas while reading the above - it sorta works)

i do love challenges........... it would seem....... one post per day for the next 25 days...... well we'll see how well i do !!

i am thinking of offering up a challenge........ mind you..... i don't have any prizes to award.... except the knowledge you were the winner.

ok ok so the challenge is going to be to spot the added Christmas decoration to the blog...... and that does NOT include in a post... no no.. i will add something to the template and you have to find it........ Today's is easy .... the winner will be the first person to leave their answer in my comment box.......... now don't be shy......... just cause someone else has answered doesn't mean they are right !! (especially as the days go along.. and more is added) so jump in and play along

Ok... back to the weekend.......

So Sunday Sir helped me drag up some of the Christmas boxes .... so i can start decorating the house. Each year this seems to be a daunting task - until i actually get going. Daunting because each year i pick a theme.......... and then try to work with what i have - or what i find at the dollar store - to create the theme. Last year if you remember my theme was built around a candle i bought.... a blue and white candle.

This past September when Sir and i were in Quebec City we wandered into a Christmas shop. They had the most gorgeous trees decorated in their shop....... and of course you could purchase the very same decorations to decorate your own tree at home. Well i fell in love with the Victorian Tree. i will admit i did purchase more than a few decorations to create my very own Victorian Tree.

BUT ............ i don't just do a Christmas Tree.. i decorate the entire house....... in the theme. When we went to see A Christmas Carol on Saturday evening, Sir poked me and told me to pay attention ......i might get more decorating ideas from the movie.

The one thing that stood out was that they hung wreaths on their walls (as well as their doors). So Sunday i am pawing my way through all the boxes, finding greenery to hang on the mantle ... and my Christmas fairies to add to the greenery.... and i came across an old wreath that was delegated to the bottom of one of the boxes. It fit perfectly into my Victorian theme (well in my opinion it does) .........

So i hung the greenery.. hung the fairies.. grabbed a chair and climbed up above the fireplace and hung my wreath.

And then i stopped.

It takes me weeks to get the house just perfect.......... adding a little bit more each week........... and then come January i don't understand why it takes so damn long to take it all down and pack it all away again. i want it all packed up in a day....... when it takes me 4 weeks to get it all out !!! go figure ........


here's the picture of the fireplace complete with a fire burning...........

now doesn't that look Victorian??


  1. What did you add to the blog? The Christmas countdown timer or is that too obvious?


  2. that is AWESOME ... it looks stunningly beautiful - welcoming and so warm!

    I think spanked is right, but just in case it's WRONG - the BDSM symbol with holly

  3. Hmmm .... I see the countdown timer, the red ornament, the holly and a sprig of mistletoe.
    (I think it's mistletoe anyway)

    Your hearth looks very lovely. Very inviting and warm.

  4. LOL........ selkie.. what BDSM symbol with holly?? The BDSM symbol has a rose .. with leaves.. but no holly .. sorry sweetie..

    and BlazngScarlet...... i don't see holly or mistletoe........

    Remember folks - the new item is NOT in a post.. it is on the template.

    Today's winner is .. yes.. Spankedhortic..

    Today i added the countdown clock...

  5. grins, I see that now - I liked it better when it was holly LOL

  6. Anonymous9:42 pm

    so glad that you get to decorate not only the blog but also the house. Since i'm driving to TX again for the holidays, i won't be decorating. i miss decorating..... heavy sigh.

    Beautiful beginning of your season!

    Sir's pet

  7. I really must keep my glasses on from now on.
    Sheesh ... I suck at this.


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