Friday, September 04, 2009


i have been thinking about the power of words.. to build up .. to destroy .. to entice .. to enhance.. to confuse.. Words........ all the words we use every day......

And i am betting you are all asking yourselves "what made her think of this brilliant topic??"

Well let me explain to all you curious ones.........

Sir and i received an invitation to a private play party this weekend. i didn't pay it much attention because my attention (99% of it ) has been on work and the piles of papers demanding my attention. (Please notice i did leave 1% for Sir... after all i am supposed to squeeze Him in!!!)

Until this morning that is....... i was sitting at my pc reading my emails.. and on the far right side of my email program is a list of upcoming events (sounds like so much fun doesn't it?? upcoming events?? except usually the only things listed there are meetings or bills to pay.... so i usually don't pay it much mind) Until this morning..

And i noticed the words "Our Pinnacle Palais of Perv" .......... and my mind didn't go to the party that we will be attending......... but to the flow of the words.. the sound of them.. the feel of them as they roll off my tongue.... AND to the absolute brilliance of the mind that put those words together to announce the grand opening of their newly finished dungeon.

There are people who are blessed with a talent for writing.... the words flow and create pictures and deep emotions and wonderment. Selkie is one of those writers...... if you haven't read her you should.. go take a peek at her blog... daughter of the sea

i on the other hand do not write flowing descriptive literature. i write like i talk... which is why i use all those dots in my writing... i rarely stop to take a breath .. (ask Sir - He is always reminding me to breathe) Buffalo is always asking me where i get expressions and usually i have managed to butcher some old expression.. shrug.. but the words flow as they will from my warped mind.

And i think that is why i am having such a hard time getting back to my Fictional Journey.. my story telling. When i write there, i write formally - definitely not the way i talk.... and i try (hard i might add) to create pictures in the reader's mind - and not just dirty pictures either !!
And this new saga of story telling....... with the oriental twist .. is really hard........... i find myself wanting to get down to the "juicy bits" and leave out the picture drawing, and the formal language.

Outside of this medium.. (blog writing that is) i tend to be blunt.. short and to the point - especially at work. i have no patience for long winded stories that start 20 years ago and work their way up to the present tense......... which is probably why a number of my new employees have stopped relating things to me...... cause i always ask that they give me the "Reader's Digest version" ....... Something i am frequently telling youngest daughter - who loves to give me all sorts of back ground .. before getting down to the point.

Anyway......... all of these words are really to just say two things......

ONE - Sir and i will be leaving tomorrow for this private play party.. i am not sure how i feel about the idea.. the Pinnacle Palais of Perv is waiting for us....... and i haven't even given any thought as to what toys to bring.. what to wear .. maybe tomorrow when i don't have to be up at the crack of dawn to go face piles of paper i will have some enthusiasm for the idea....... oh yeah.. and i wanted to say.. i probably won't post here again till sometime on Monday .... late Monday - cause the kids are coming over for a Labour Day Barbeque

and TWO........ (damn i can't remember what two was!!) i guess i must have run out of WORDS. (and breath)


selkie said...

first, THANK you for the very kind words, morningstar! you left me blushing....

second, you underrate your own talent for writing. Your words flow - you DO create pictures and bring your readers into the moment and into your heart and mind - and that takes talent.

Have fun at the private party - look at it as an adventure!

swan said...

Sounds like a fun weekend... I hope you and your Sir get the chance to rest and relax and recharge.

And, yes, I agree with you that Selkie is a fabulous writer. Anyone who has not visited her blog is missing out on a real treat.

hugs, swan

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