Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Modern technology

Is i swear the bane of my existence !!

i had this wonderful post formulating / percolating in my lil subbie brain this morning at 4:30...... (yeah 4:30 A. F*^%KING M. - i had had 7 hours sleep and my body decided it just didn't need 8 today !!! wait till 3 P.M..... i will be snoozing at my desk - but i digress)

So i had this great post percolating away.. and so i decided to get up and write it.......... only problem is.. my pc is not connecting to the internet. (2nd time in 6 weeks - oh joy oh joy!!) So i call the tech people at 4:30 A.M. and get the usual stupid questions like is your modem connected to your pc?? let's try rebooting your modem........ (like i haven't tried all that !!! geeeeeeez.. see my blood pressure go up) After 45 minutes on the phone to India my modem still wasn't connecting to the net, and their best answer was.. "gee I don't know what is wrong. I will get a tech to check your lines" WONDERFUL !!

So i hang up.. and say screw them...hit the reboot button a few times.. and guess what i have a connection again. Don't ask me why......... but it would appear i have intermittent service up here in the Great White North.

This computer problem isn't my only bitch....... my fridge started acting up last spring.. i got a repair guy to come out and his answer to my frost laden freezer was ... i had packed it too full. Ok maybe i do.. but i have packed my freezer that way for all my adult life - why is it NOW deciding it doesn't like it??? Don't ask those questions - cause the fridge tech doesn't have a clue. So i empty the freezer and keep it under packed.. and about 3 weeks ago my freezer frosts up again.. and the fridge isn't cold.. and i have to have the guy out again......... He claims the one time i overpacked the freezer (after a shopping trip - and for only 12 hours) screwed up the workings AGAIN. So now i am being good and not over packing it.. and am running up and down the stairs to the basement to the BIG freezer that works just fine (after 15 years - did i just jinx that one??) ............... and lo and behold i am suspicious the freezer upstairs is starting to frost over again....... See me growl............

Then my new car........... yeah my 6 month old brand spanking new car. It had a tire leak in the right front tire.. i took it in to the service people ... with an appointment and they took like an hour longer than they were supposed to to even LOOK at the damn tire. BUT they fixed it and all was right with the world. Until last week, when the damn tire started leaking air again............... so back it went to the shop. (ok ok i will admit it wasn't the same problem this time.. i had managed to pick up a nail in the tire this time) BUT they had the car from Friday till Monday - to do an oil change, and fix the tire. Monday morning 7:30 they still hadn't fixed the tire !! i told them (well Sir told them for me) to have it fixed by 11 a.m. By 11: 15 when Sir and i got there.. my car was still in the lot with the spare on !! It took them 30 minutes - with the owner of the dealership breathing down their necks - to change my tire!!!

Modern technology !!!!!!!!!! See me growl???

Now the wonderful post i had percolating in my lil subbie brain has gone........ and i have ranted on ........... what a wonderful way to start my day.......... have i told you all i HATE things not running smoothly?? i do you know.. HATE IT !! Life would be so much simpler if everything ran smoothly and repair people knew what they were doing (and being paid damn well to do i might add !!)

Now i am off to work..... and god help the first thing to break down there.. it might just land up on the front lawn of the school.............

See me growl???


selkie said...

there's something in the stars today ... not so much for me tech-related but just generally. Frustrating day so far! hope your day improves! Your 4:30 am is when I'm out with my dogs LOL -

Raheretic said...

I know nothing of astrology, but I am told there is a phenomenon called mercury retrogade that is in progress that causes things to have to be redone and communications systems to break down. You don't suoppose do you that it could really be.....

I am sure that your post would have been beautiful. Maybe it will come to mind again. Sometimes when I have had these frustrating experiences my "reborn' post was better than my first version would have been.

It sounds to me like you need a new mechanic's shop, and like its manager needs some new mechanics. This would have made me nuts...a tire and an oil change for gods sake! It's hardly a technologically sophisticated bit of auto-mechanics.

All the best,


P. S. Your pics of the recent Quebec City sojourn were wonderful.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

Anonymous said...

I know how that feels, I used to feel pretty bad for those tech support guys on the other end on the line half way around the world. With poor training and not a good command of the English language.

That is until I worked in a similar job and found out that its not that hard to help the customer and keep them happy.

I still feel sorry for them but not as much anymore. I now no longer get angry with them, I am get angry with the people who hired them and trained them. That is where the competency is lacking.

And now I feel like my own rant, against fast food joints, I have waited in a line with fewer people than the number of employees behind the counter for upwards of 10 mins before someone would take my order.


BlazngScarlet said...

Hmm .... I am sensing that you had kind of a rough day, eh?!


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