Tuesday, June 02, 2020


I love routines!!  they keep my world upright and moving forward.... change my routines and I get flustered and distracted and seem to fall behind.

I have a continuing conversation with myself -- they are MY routines so I can change them... it's ok to change them... and sometimes even necessary to change them.

My morning routine in the city is .... 1st coffee outside on the deck.... say goodbye to Sir Steve... take my pills ... pour my 2nd cup of coffee and write my blog............

Here in the country my routines are a bit blurred........ sometimes I don't have a second cup of coffee till much later... sometimes I don't drag the computer out from the bedroom until time for homeschooling.... then I get flustered 'cause I haven't written my blog!!!

This morning I had my morning coffee visit which delays the start of my day by about an hour.........

my next door neighbour up here and I have become best friends... in September when we were moving back to the city we both moaned that we would miss our morning visits......... she mentioned she came into our town for groceries every Monday so we made a date to do coffee on Mondays all winter. 

And we did....... until covid happened.

Now we're back to morning coffee on the deck -- and yes we are social distancing... thank god for a big deck!!  My visits with her are stronger than my need for routines...amazingly enough..... this morning when I came inside to make breakfast for the lil one I didn't even flinch that my blog post hadn't been written.  My blogland friends would wait......... my coffee with BFF takes precedent ........ WOW!!  no getting flustered or distracted...... it hit me this morning that friendship can override my routines and that is a very good thing!!


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    I love my routines to and any changes, necessary or otherwise causes havoc lol. How wonderful you have a BFF at the campsite:)


  2. Yes I do love my routine! But you are so right. A cup of coffee with a friend is the best routine to stick with. You better believe we'll wait. Face to face is important these days.


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