Monday, June 08, 2020


Soooooooooo my world kinda went tits up mid week last week..... I was down for the count with a yucky tummy...... not sure what caused it... maybe stress/anxiety?? who knows? but I did a lot of sleeping.........

Not so much sleeping that I didn't finish off the week with the lil one in Kenya (our social studies project) 

She made a cheetah cub............

And worked in papier mache to create an African mask...... I must admit even I was impressed how it turned out............

And of course there were the regular learning assignments and another directed drawing... this time a tree frog with her first attempt at 'shading' (yes she needs some work on that principle - grinning - and some decent 'shading' pencils)

Thursday the dog was spayed (better late than never) and because I couldn't wrap my head around caring for the dog and going into town on Friday to hand off the lil one and do laundry and groceries - Sir Steve worked from "home" on Friday.... I have to admit the recoup time for the dog was pretty amazing... by Saturday she was barking at anyone/thing that she deemed a threat to her family ........... and dragging her toys over to me to play............. 

Life is good when the sun comes up and normalcy returns


  1. Oh, I have been tits up this weekend with the tummy thing, too, and I am also sleeping a lot. Weird and yucky!

    I love all the really creative things you're doing with the Little One..... she is blessed to have you. She will remember all the special things you did with her for the rest of her life.

    Glad things are better today for you guys! Hugs, Windy

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    I'm sorry to hear about the yucky tummy, that's awful. Glad to hear the dog bounced back quickly from surgery.

    The lil one really does seem to have a knack for art and craft. The mask is awesome:)


  3. i'm glad youre feeling better. and again, what a wonderful lesson!


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