Tuesday, February 05, 2019


 Last night Sir Steve really stepped up to the plate to ease my stress.  He is taking time off work tomorrow so I don't have to stress over meeting the lil one at the bus.... AND he helped me empty the living room for the contractors........

This morning I left the contractors painting ('cause they decided the ripples in the ceiling weren't that bad and one can't expect perfection -- le sigh) and went to the gym.  I haven't been in 2 weeks because of weather and appointments and contractors.  It actually felt good (when I got there -- getting my butt in gear to go is another story) and I came home feeling more relaxed.  

That is until I got home........  

The landlord was parked in my parking spot....... and there was no room on the street cause of all the contractors' trucks. I walked in the house and they had finished painting YAY!!!  (at least from the kitchen it looked like they had finished -- the furniture was all put back)


when I walked in the living room -- the small strip of wall that needed to be painted cafe au lait was painted dark grey............ WTF?!!!  I should have known there was a reason the landlord was here.  On top of that -- the sump pump that was installed by some 3rd rate plumbers in the fall had overflowed and the back half of the basement has been turned into a swimming pool again. 

Welcome stress my old friend -- I've come to talk to you again.......... (singing)


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    I'm glad Sir Steve eased your stress and is taking some time off to help. Good on you for getting to the gym. I ñeed to get my butt into gear and get back to my exercises.

    Oh no on the painting mixup and sump! Having contractors in is stressful enough without this! I hope all is rectified quickly...and properly!

    Deep breaths, hugs


  2. Morningstar, I think it's time for you to move. Enough is enough!



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