Friday, February 15, 2019

Old Fashioned Day

I was going to bake today -- cookies to be precise.  But after I put the lil one on the bus (and off to her mother's for a 3 day weekend) I decided I wanted to bake bread.  

The smell of bread rising brought back so many memories .. mostly of my grandmother's kitchen.  I don't think she ever bought store-bought bread..... it seemed there was always bread rising in her kitchen.

I made a loaf of cinnamon bread to toast over the weekend -- it's sooooooo good.  Usually I only make it at Christmas -- why I don't know........ we're gonna gorge ourselves on it all weekend (LOL if it lasts 2 breakfasts I'll be surprised)

And then I decided to make dinner rolls........ I think we'll have pork chops with a big salad for dinner tonite and nice freshly made dinner rolls.......

 (they're going through the second rising in this picture -- if I remember -- I'll take a picture of them before we devour them)

OH yeah and I am gonna open a bottle of wine........ I think we deserve a glass of wine tonite -- and tomorrow night....... (grinning)


  1. mmmmhmmm!!, Morningstar ... I can smell it from here :>)) ... I love bread but unfortunately, now later in life, my digestive system is in bread revolt so it is now a food to avoid (other than an occasional slice of sprouted grain bread). One of my former favourite breads to make, if you've never tried it, is the New York Times 'no knead bread' ... it makes a lovely artisan loaf with very little work (although it takes a number of hours to rise).
    Enjoy your weekend of bread, wine and lovin' with SS ... nj ... xx

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    Oh yum, these look awesome!Cinnamon bread, yum! I'm afraid I'm not much of a baker. Hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying good food, wine and each other :)



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