Monday, February 25, 2019

Just not me

When I was growing up -- and my parents (well actually my father) were buying my clothes..... they were very conservative -- never included jeans -- and rarely a pair of pants.  All my skirts and dresses went to mid knee.... a conservative length.

When I was on my on own -- and shopping for clothes -- I always bought the outfits I knew my father would approve of -- even after he was dead.  I always had this weird feeling -- like I was playing dress up.  I didn't fully understand that feeling -- thought maybe everyone had the same feeling in one degree or another. 

I do have a man's oversized white shirt that I wear with leggings... I have an authentic oriental jacket ..... and when I wear those two outfits I feel comfortable in my own skin.  BUT most of the clothes I own make me squirmy -- and out of sorts -- and usually I hate how I look.  

I talked to Sir Steve about my wardrobe.  I asked him to answer me honestly!! IF I decided to add one or two more eccentric style outfits how would he feel....... 
his answer......... 'will they make you feel good about yourself?'  

I started researching clothing -- and actually found a designer on line who makes clothes that look (on line) gorgeous! they touch something deep inside me........ I took a deep breath and ordered a couple of items...... a navy blue spring coat nothing spectacular ... BUT I could see it with leggings and hiking boots and wild scarves around the neck...... I ordered it..... and when it came I immediately feel in love and got the stamp of approval from Sir Steve.

I ordered another spring dress that looks a bit like a Picasso painting -- it came and I love it!!  I am now looking for accent leggings to wear with it............  

 I now have a huge list on my 'wish list' of clothing that feels more me and I want steampunk jewellery and nail decals and lots of bright coloured leggings ....... I really do want to live my life using all the crayons in the box !!!


  1. I think it's great that you are venturing out to find a new you in how you dress, Morningstar. I've undergone a couple of evolutions in what I wear as well. If it makes you feel good and in your mind, look good, then it's all positive! ... nj ... xx

  2. Love it Morningstar, you be "you". Good on you :) Love Sir Steve's answer :)


  3. Hi Morningstar,

    My clothing as a child never included pants or shorts, except on rare occasions. I didn't own a pair of jeans until I was sixteen! As soon as I left home I rarely wore dresses or skirts. Now I own one dress and live in jeans or sweats, although I do wear a skirt to church on Sunday. I shop mainly at Mark's, know what colours are "me" and buy what I feel good about.

    Be yourself! If you don't love an item of clothing, toss it (or don't buy it).



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