Thursday, February 21, 2019

Just because.........

I don't really have a post today -- other than we got good news on Sir Steve's test results..... the lil one now has pink eye...... and my thumb isn't as swollen but still doesn't support any weight.  (I didn't know how much I need my left thumb until I don't really have it -- le sigh)


There's a meme going around blog land and I thought for fun I would give it a go....

 Had one of your kids unknowingly pick up or use one of your implements? 
nope - unless you count ........ when I was moving and youngest daughter was pregnant and wanted to help.... so I told her to empty the bags of clothes in the bedroom..... completely forgetting that I had hidden my sex toys in one of the bags... I will never forget the moment she came down the stairs waving a dildo around and announcing I needed a lock box so that my soon to arrive grandson didn't find them and think they were microphones ........ (I nearly died of embarrassment as there were a half dozen friends helping me move who got to witness her display) 

Hidden an implement?
I am assuming you mean from my partner........ I have done it but only in good fun... I've also threatened to 're-gift' some toys to deserving friends...... but I love all the toys too much to hide any of them seriously. 

Had an uninvited audience for a spanking? 
uninvited?  no can't really say 'uninvited' ...... but there was a time we were playing at a public dungeon...... I was on the St. Andrew's cross enjoying myself -- when I opened my eyes to see this (ewwww) guy hiding in the corner very close to me ...

Had an implement break while being in use?
oh yeah more than once.  The worst breakage was a cane that splintered across my ass and left some pretty gruesome marks (mainly because the 'spanker' hadn't noticed it splintering and had kept using it ) 

Stood up or walked out from a spanking?

only once -- but it was because I felt that the spanking was being done in anger and the whole scene felt out of control........

Purchased an implement yourself...for yourself?

definitely.......  because I am a firm believer in not sharing my toys...... so I had my own toy bag and the implements could not ever .. EVER... be used on someone else.

Had a session where all the implements were used?

Nope - because I had way too many 

Had to explain "weird noises" coming from your bedroom?

Nope never -- I think if anything had been heard -- the folks hearing the noise didn't really want to 'know' ...

 Been spanked outside of the comfort of your four walls?
oh yeah - almost more than I have been spanked inside my 4 walls -- mainly because I was very active in the BDSM scene and we played publicly ...... and now of course we go to the campgrounds for the summer and I am NOT going all summer without some form of play (small stamp of foot ) 
Spanked your significant other?
nope never -- and now Sir Steve is a Sadist and I am a masochist -- so it's never gonna happen. 

Been spanked in a hotel room/resort?
yup once or twice.  

Been spanked with your own belt?
not my belt no....... but Sir Steve's belt yes (see me grinning?!)  and I wrote about it in more detail HERE 

 That was fun  -- if you haven't done it already -- feel free to use it..... thanks to Hermione - that's where I picked it up :)

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    I'm so glad to hear Sir Steve's test results were good and that your thumb is healing.

    This is a great meme and I love your answers. Some interesting answers, your daughter coming down the stairs with the dildo must have been mortifying!



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